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Netflix provides access to a rich catalog of original series. In recent months, the streaming service has delighted its subscribers with several successful productions, such as Mon Amie Adèle, Lupine, Le Jeu de la Dame and Les Nouvelles Aventures de Sabrina. To help you choose what to watch tonight, we bring you this top 10 best series available on Netflix.

netflix top best series 2021

Netflix original series are the growth engine of the VOD service. Thanks to successes like Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why, the platform recently passed the 200 million subscriber mark worldwide. In order to continue to attract new subscribers and stand up to the fierce competition from Disney +, Netflix invests colossal sums each year in the production of exclusive series.

In 2021, Netflix will spend $ 19 billion to produce new movies and original series. It’s a record. Under these conditions, it should come as no surprise that Netflix regularly broadcasts new series produced by itself. Here are the best novelties that have appeared in recent months.

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Ginny and Georgia

Georgia, a mother of a family as eccentric as she is formidable, arrives in a small town with her two children. The small family seeks to integrate into the small town. Very quickly, Ginny, a shy but rebellious teenager, begins to have doubts about her mother’s identity. She suspects her father is hiding the secrets of her past from her… This American series, halfway between Gilmore Girls and Desperate Housewives, is a real must.

The Lady Game

In the 1950s, Beth Harmon, a young orphan, discovered an immense talent for chess. Pushed by her tutors, she will do everything to become the greatest chess player in the whole world. At the same time, the young woman in the making struggles with her vices and addictions: alcohol and drugs. One of the best series in the Netflix catalog.

The Bridgertons Chronicle

In the 19th century, the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family scramble to find the love of their life (and good family). Produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to get away with murder), the mini-series is inspired by the famous novels of the same name. It’s the perfect show for evenings by the fireside with your other half. The series is successful thanks to its outdated aesthetic, an original approach and a storyline full of twists.

My friend Adèle

Louise Barnley, a day-to-day single mother set like clockwork, falls madly in love with her boss, a renowned but married psychiatrist. At the same time, the young woman becomes the intimate confidante of her lover’s wife. The young naive mistress will quickly understand that the couple is hiding a heavy secret, buried for years behind a facade love … This Netflix original series is inspired by a successful novel by Sarah Pinborough. The show is worth above all for its incredible denouement, as unexpected as it is chilling.


Determined to avenge his father, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) is inspired by the famous Arsène Lupine, gentleman burglar of the last century, and embarks on a series of high-level burglaries. Like his model, Assane has mastered the art of disguise and camouflage to perfection. With his skills, the man will try to steal a jewel exhibited in the Louvre. This series offers a modern reinterpretation of the myth of Arsène Lupine. After a first-rate first season, Lupine will be back on Netflix in the summer of 2021. As we can see in the trailer for part 2, Assane Diop is not done with Pellegrini, which he holds responsible for the death of his father. The gentleman burglar will have to use all stratagems to find his son, kidnapped by his worst enemy, while thwarting the traps of the police forces.

Cobra Kai

Thirty-four years after the film Karate Kid (1984), Johnny Lawrence is adrift. After losing his job, he decides to do it all: he relaunches the Cobra Kai karate dojo. The announcement reignites the rivalry between him and Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi’s former protégé. Years after their confrontation, the two men will get closer …

The New Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix offers an original remake of the adventures of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. In this modern replay, the young Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) evolves in a disturbing Gothic world filled with abominations and creatures of the night. During the first seasons, the young woman even faces Satan in person… The series ended after 4 seasons last January.

Emily in Paris

Emily Cooper, a young American, emigrated to France to replace her boss, who got pregnant at the wrong time. While she does not speak French, the young woman is hired to modernize the image of a famous French haute couture brand. The series brings out all the hackneyed clichés concerning the French and the Parisians. To watch this Netflix production, you’ll need a healthy dose of self-mockery!

How to sell Drugs Online fast

Moritz, a lonely and depressed geek, manages to set up a lucrative online drug business on the dark web. With the nose and the beard of his father, a little smart policeman, he establishes himself as the number 1 dealer in Germany and earns a real fortune in cryptocurrencies. To continue earning money, the teenager joins forces with a gang of dangerous Dutch traffickers. A third season is expected in the course of 2021.


Dozens of years before “Flight over a cuckoo’s nest”, Mildred Ratched arrives at Lucia’s psychiatric hospital to try to free her brother. The young man indeed murdered 4 Catholic priests in cold blood to take revenge on one of them. Despite her good intentions, Mildred will wreak havoc in the establishment … We warmly recommend this psychological thriller as dark as it is disturbing. A second season is in the works.

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