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The next updates of Windows 10 will bring their share of new features and improvements of all kinds. Microsoft has already communicated on some of them, most of which are available through the Insider program. We offer you doc ​​a recap ‘of what we know about the upcoming 21H1 and 21H2 versions.

Windows 10
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Microsoft has announced the upcoming arrival of a new update for Windows 10 21H1. Scheduled for the first half of 2021, it will bring some minor novelties and several improvements in general. So this is not a major update, but rather a way to introduce these novelties in the October 2021 update, namely 21H2.

The latter, known as the code name “Sun Valley”, includes a complete overhaul of the operating system interface. It will also integrate new features and an optimization of the Start menu, the taskbar and many others. Microsoft has already communicated on some of these new features. Here’s a quick recap of what we know so far.

What’s new in Windows 10 21H1

The next update of Windows 10 will allow configure multiple cameras to unlock your session. This new feature of Windows Hello will therefore make it possible to use an external device for facial recognition.

Windows Defender will also be improved, in order to strengthen the security of the operating system. This will allow some documents to open faster, while businesses will see Windows Management Instrumentation perform better. Microsoft has stated that these changes aim to optimize the telecommuting experience.

Microsoft plans to deploy its update with an “activation pack”, which allows, as its name suggests, to activate new features via a simple button. To use it, it is necessary to use version 2004 or later of Windows 10, then to go to Settings> Update & security> Check for updates.

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New in Windows 10 21H2 “Sun Valley”

We have already told you about it, the great novelty of 21H2 will be the interface completely redesigned by Microsoft. Controls and design have been redesigned to be more modern, while new animations will accompany opening the window and switching to a transparent background. Several menus, including Startup, will have rounded edges. Finally, the file explorer will see arrive dark mode for its properties tabs.

Windows 10 Sun Valley animation
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Sun Valley should natively introduce the “DNS over HTTPS” (DoH), a technology that encrypts DNS requests using the HTTPS protocol. In this way, the privacy of the navigation is secured against an outside actor. “This feature will change the way your device connects to the Internet”, Microsoft explains. To activate it, simply go to Settings> Network and Internet> Status, then, in the connection properties, modify the DNS settings.

The next update will also allow configure an external device as the default speaker. To do this, go to Settings> System> Sound. It will also be possible to adjust the volume of each application from a dedicated Volume Mixer screen. The task manager also has the right to optimization, with adding an “Architecture” column. The latter indicates whether the programs are running in 32 or 64 bits.

We also know that Microsoft is currently testing a new battery manager, inspired by Android and which includes among other things graphs showing its use by period. It will thus be possible to visualize the activity of the battery over a week, as well as to consult when it was recharged for the last time. This manager is already available for all Insider program members.


Finally, to make sure that users don’t miss out on all of these new features, Microsoft will be rolling out a guide to the latest changes made via Tips. This application advises users on all the possibilities offered by the operating system. And you, what do you think of all his future changes? Tell us in the comments!

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