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The first unboxings of the PS5 are starting to appear on the web, the opportunity to discover everything Sony has included in the box, the console and its accessories very closely as well as some of the first reactions of those who have been able to discover the console preview.

Credits: MKBHD via YouTube

Despite the fact that the new PlayStation 5 is expected to be long overdue for most gamers, the tech planet begins to receive the first copies of the PS5, and unboxing is increasing on the web. The opportunity to discover the first impressions of those who unboxed it. But also everything Sony has included in the box while waiting to receive it at your home. As expected, the PS5 box includes:

  • A PlayStation 5 (you can’t invent it)
  • A DualSense controller
  • HDMI cable
  • AC adapter
  • A USB-A to USB-C cable
  • One foot to install the console vertically or horizontally

Sony has visibly reduced the packaging to what is strictly necessary. Everything is in cardboard boxes, and, little more for the environment, Sony apparently didn’t put styrofoam to secure the PS5.

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PS5: unboxings and first impressions

When looking at the different unboxings on the most popular YouTube channels, a word comes up from the first minutes: “huge” or enormous in French. We already knew it but the PS5 is the most imposing console ever launched by a manufacturer to date. The size is actually the result of its power, and the cooling solution that Sony had to include in the device.l.

YouTuber MKBHD pauses for a moment on the console’s plastic stand. It is possible to do without when the console is installed vertically. However, when laid flat, the base is a must as the sides of the console ripple, making the device otherwise unstable. MKBHD believes that this design choice may also be related to a desire to discourage players from stacking other devices on the console..

Which is probably a good idea given the power of the PS5. MKBHD notices that the white panels are dull, and that this rendering is the result of thousands of small circles, crosses, squares and triangles embossed on the plastic. The iJustine channel finds the design of the device very futuristic – a shared impression when unboxing all the accessories, such as the HD Camera, headphones, the DualSense dual charger. Apparently the fact that the controller, precisely, is heavier, is rather something pleasant in the hand.

Cnet notes that while size was something the tester expected, the weight of the device was rather a surprise. The console is visibly lighter than one would expect. Apparently, the white of the side panels is not quite white in reality, but tends more towards gray. Regarding the controller, Jeff Bakalar of Cnet finds the grip more pleasant than on the DualShock 4.

Finally, according to IGN, the design of the PS5 is much more pleasant in reality than in the images that we had been able to discover beforehand. The tester takes the opportunity to show in detail how to place the console vertically or horizontally with the stand included in the box. A screw is required, but Sony had the good idea to provide a dedicated compartment so as not to lose it. On the side of the controller, we learn that it comes loaded right out of the box. IGN also compares its size to that of the Xbox controller.

Sony has clearly opted this year for an even more imposing format. Even if the general ergonomics now bring these two controllers closer together. In any case compared to the DualShock 4 controller. Here again the tester finds that the increased size and weight of the controller are rather positive points. In any case, the first impressions all point to a design that is ultimately less divisive than the first comments let anticipate.

In any case, while waiting for Sony to offer replacement side panels in other colors – since the PS5 should benefit from other colors and many special editions.

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