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Android 12 DP3 hides a number of new features including a redesign of quick settings, dark mode improvements, or improvements to the lock interface on tablets. We suggest that you make an inventory in this file.

Android 12

Android 12 public beta is expected to arrive in just under a month : Usually Google unveils new versions of Android on the sidelines of its annual Google I / O developer conference. But we can already test Android 12 on a handful of compatible smartphones. The operating system has been in effect since April 2021 in its third Developers Preview (the developer beta) and as always we discover a handful of new features hidden in the source code.

Cleaning in the quick settings

New design quick settings
The new design of the quick settings / Credits: kdrag0n via XDA

The first novelty discovered by XDA is a Radically different Quick Settings interface. We know since the first Developers Preview that Google intends to review this interface. However, with each new Developers Preview we see more and more radical changes. This new interface is currently hidden in Android DP3, but an XDA employee managed to activate it and take the screenshot above.

Everything seems to change from the design of the sliders, to the buttons through the text and colors. We are curious to know what will remain of this design in the final versions of Android 12. We also note a button to turn off / restart the smartphone. A logical addition as Google seems determined to turn the ON button into a trigger for Google Assistant. This feature is disabled by default in Android 12 DP3 – eventually it will suffice to hold down the power button to trigger Google Assistant.

Quick settings to set alarms and access Google Pay

Google Pay alarm quick settings
Credit: kdrag0n via XDA

We stay in the quick settings – at the turn of which XDA notes the appearance of two new features. We thus have Quick settings buttons to activate / deactivate Google Pay and change payment method or to activate / deactivate or set the alarm. Very practical settings because they can potentially avoid a large number of unnecessary interactions to go to the right menus of the right application. The new quick alarm setting shows the time of the next alarm when activated.

Better themes for dark wallpapers

Android 12 Dark Mode
Credit: kdrag0n via XDA

Android 12 will refine the user experience in terms of interface themes. Dark mode, in particular, is at the heart of all attention. Google hopes to succeed in dynamically adapting the general hue of the theme according to the dominant color of the wallpaper. For this an algorithm of machine learning scans the wallpaper and then applies the appropriate tint for light mode or dark mode. For now, the light mode is rather successful, but there are still hiccups with the dark mode.

For example, XDA reports, setting a black wallpaper tends to result in a purplish dark mode tint, which is obviously a mistake. With Android 12 DP3 a black wallpaper leads to a more pleasant and harmonized dark gray dark mode. This new dynamic theme system is codenamed “monet” internally. It is currently not active by default in Android 12 DP3 and Google still seems to be making a lot of changes. However, everything is expected to work fine when the public betas arrive in the coming weeks.

Hibernating apps frees up space

android 12 hibernation mode
Credit: XDA Developers

With Android 12 DP3 a very useful feature arrives: application hibernation. These measures frees up space as soon as it detects that an application is not being used much. The application then sees its permissions revoked, its temporary files deleted, and it can no longer deliver notifications. A new interface in the settings allows you to spot the applications you use the least to uninstall them very easily. What in passing refocus your attention on the applications you use often, and avoid accumulating “zombie” applications …

Android 12 DP3 powers up the Gaming Dashboard

Gaming Dashboard
Credit: XDA

Since the first Developers Preview we notice that Google is in the process of developing a new toolbar, or even a new center dedicated to video games.. With Android 12 DP3, this center dedicated to video games offers several new features on smartphones. The four top buttons visible in the illustration above allow, from left to right, to take a screenshot, take a video screenshot, display the number of frames per second, or activate the mode. Do not disturb. Enabling any of these options adds a button to the floating menu bar, so you can easily override these settings even while you’re playing video games.

Below we have a big Game Optimization button. When pressed, a menu offers to choose between three different optimizations. The Performance mode maximizes the framerate, Standard uses the default settings, and Battery Saver (energy saving, we imagine, in French) reduces the number of frames per second to prolong your video game sessions. To the right of this button, there is also a Youtube Live button to start a streaming. This Gaming Dashboard will initially be exclusive to Pixels – although this remains to be confirmed.

XDA notes in passing thatat this stage this Gaming Dashboard comes with rudimentary command line tools which allow to activate optimizations according to the games. The functionality should however logically disappear with the public beta.

One-handed unlocking of tablets

One-handed unlocking of tablets
Credit: kdrag0n via XDA

Who said that Google only had new Android 12 features on smartphones? There is also (a little) for tablets. Google is pushing in particular with DP3 a change in the design of the tablet locking interface. The visible change in the source code, allows to move the numeric keypad to the right or left of the screen depending on whether you are left or right handed. Usually this pad is centered on the tablet screen which can make it more difficult to access with the thumbs.

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And much more !

  • Android code 12 DP3 hides a new animation that will be displayed when charging
  • Indices also point to the arrival of personalized clock faces
  • XDA spotted numerous references to the “Material NEXT” brand which could be the name of the new design language of the system.
  • APK analysis of the latest version of system settings suggests the arrival of a new Pixel Stand with an active cooling system. Many references in the code are indeed attached to adjusting the fan speed on a mysterious wireless charging device.

Source: XDA

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