Discover 5 apps to make curriculum

Applications for making curricula offer a more practical and faster alternative than programs traditionally used for the task. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), these apps offer a wide range of templates, as well as resources to design a curriculum from scratch. Among the best known are Canva and Go2Job. Although less dynamic, Word also stands out, offering a section with varied templates.

The list of options, however, is much longer. Thinking about it, TecMundo brought 5 applications dedicated to the elaboration of curricula. That way, you can choose the one that is most aligned with your personality. Check it out below:

Resume Applications

The highlight of applications for this purpose is the availability of ready-made models. In addition to making the process more practical and quick, these designs can be a source of creative ideas or even serve as a North for first-timers.

It is worth mentioning that, although the content is the most important part of the curriculum, the way it is presented also says a lot about the candidate. Therefore, it is essential that you have good options.


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Before there were applications and programs dedicated to curriculum design, Word played a leading role, even in its simplest versions. Although it is a text editor, the program has gained simple CV templates, which require only the job of filling in the blank information from the candidate.

In addition, cover letters, pamphlets and even business letters are still available. Word also offers the option to send the document, once ready, via WhatsApp, Messenger and e-mail, or save it on the cell phone in the formats offered.

Curriculum vitae

j Curriculum Vitae App / Disclosure

Also well known, the Curriculum Vitae app, in addition to having templates, allows the user to import data from Facebook, such as date of birth, place of residence, professional experiences and profile photo. In addition to all this, the user can also create a cover letter to enhance their curriculum.

Go2Job – Easy Resume

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This program offers six free templates, which users can edit, changing the size of the margin, colors and graphic elements of the document. After creating the curriculum, the user can save, print, export via iCloud or AirDrop, and send by email. For those looking for more variety, it is possible to subscribe to the paid version for R $ 9.99 per month.

Google Docs

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Another option is Google Docs, which offers ready-made resumes for those who want to make a quality presentation and have no knowledge of diagramming. To start the elaboration, just select one of the models and insert the necessary information.

Like the other options, the program allows downloading in several formats, as well as sharing the file via WhatsApp and e-mail. But, the big difference here is the possibility of adding other people to the document to view and edit the information.


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Although it occupies the last place on the list, Canva is by far the least important, as it has a prominent position among applications for curriculum. The Canva brand are simple, current and full of personality models. Therefore, the app is ideal for those who want to surprise not only with the content, but also with the form. In addition to a huge variety of resumes, the platform also has ideas for brochures, posters, pictures, cards, invitations, etc.

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