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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsoft video game consoles that have succeeded the Xbox One on the market. The devices have similarities and work very closely, differing only by the processing power and quality of the graphics. Did you buy one and want to know what to do first and other tips? Follow below:

Xbox Series X and Series S will have 30 games optimized at launch (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X and Series S (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

What changes in power?

As mentioned on some occasions, the two consoles are quite different in terms of graphics power. The biggest difference is in the Teraflops – 12 for the Series X and 4 for the Series S.

The big numerical difference represents much better graphics on the Series X, but the Series S is not far behind, as it has a similar architecture, called Xbox Velocity, and SSD storage, which allows games to run at high speed.

What games are available?

The two consoles share the same game library. What runs on one runs on the other. In addition, any game that runs on Xbox One, whether from the Xbox One, Xbox 360 or original Xbox, also works on the new devices.

The Xbox Series X has a disc slot and works with any compatible game. The Xbox Series S is digital only and does not work with physical media.

Xbox Series X shows interface working on the console (Image: Microsoft)

Virtually any Xbox One game works on new devices (Image: Microsoft)

If you are migrating from an Xbox One to one of the new ones, you can transfer content from one to the other via the local network. The initial setup of the console itself guides you through the procedure.

Xbox Live account

Xbox consoles today only work if the user has an Xbox Live account, it is mandatory.

You don’t always have to be online to play, but the user’s account must exist and it’s free to create. Just register with some email or even use a Microsoft email, like Outlook.

Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass?

Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass are two very different things, but they complement each other. The ideal is to sign both.

Xbox Live Gold allows you to play online with others, in games like Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War and more. In addition, between 4 and 5 free games can be downloaded monthly.

Xbox Game Pass (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure)

Xbox Game Pass (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure)

The Game Pass is a catalog that lets you download over 100 free games without limits, but that does not release online multiplayer.

However, Game Pass Ultimate is a modality that encompasses Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in a single subscription. This is the most suitable model for anyone who has an Xbox, be it Series X or S. The price is R $ 44.99 per month.

Old controls

Anyone who has an old Xbox One controller at home can use it without any problems on the Xbox Series X or Series S.

The only difference is that the old controller does not have the Share button, which shares videos and screenshots, in addition to being slightly larger and heavier.

All operation and connection is the same. Including the use of batteries.

Rechargeable batteries

And speaking of batteries: they tend to be a problem, as they run out quickly. The ideal is to use “Alkaline” batteries, which last a little over 20 days, depending on how much you use the controller in the video game.

Rechargeable batteries are good because they prevent the user from buying more batteries at all times, but give preference to alkaline rechargeable batteries, to avoid constant changes.

What does not work?

The Xbox Series X and Series S are not compatible with Kinect in any way.

Xbox one

Xbox One Kinect is dead and buried (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure)

Kinect was no longer natively compatible with the latest Xbox One models – it was necessary to use an adapter. Now, on the new consoles, that possibility has been extinguished.

Care to be taken

Avoid placing the consoles on rugs or surfaces that get very hot. Marble is a good material to leave the consoles, since it does not accumulate heat.

Under no circumstances leave the consoles inside cabinets or in tight spaces. Ideally, they have 10 centimeters to “breathe” in their air vents – it avoids possible overheating.

Also try to keep the consoles plugged into a quality outlet or extension cord. It is not necessary to use stabilizer, but keep in mind that they are devices that make heavy use of energy.

What about streaming?

Basically, everything that already existed streaming on Xbox One also exists on Xbox Series X and Series S.

Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Telecine, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer, among others.

Netflix and Crunchyroll will be Xbox Series X and Series S apps (Image: Crunchyroll)

Netflix and Crunchyroll are Xbox Series X and Series S apps (Image: Crunchyroll)

For the future it is promised that Disney + and Apple TV will also be launched on the platforms.

It is also worth remembering that the Xbox Series X has a disc input and is compatible with DVD and Blu-ray. You can watch your movies and series at home on the device.


Those who find little, can increase the storage of the Xbox Series X and Series S.

There is an option to use an external hard drive to only store a few games, but Microsoft still sells a 1TB SSD memory card in the USA, still not expected to arrive in Brazil.

Xbox Series X and S will have 1 TB expansion for R $ 2,229 in Brazil

Extra memory for Xbox Series X and S (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure)

The card has a proprietary format and is connected to the rear of the consoles. In the US it costs about $ 220.

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