Did Click Jogos die? TecMundo investigates mystery

Few people in the age group up to “30-something” do not know the click games. Founded in 2004, the site guaranteed thousands of hours of fun for anyone looking for online games that could be played by the browser itself, without the need for new software or the like.

In recent months, however, rumors have surfaced that the platform would have “died”. Anonymous and influencers cited on social media the nostalgia they feel when hearing the name of the click games.

Among the personalities who remember the site with affection is the influencer Pequena Lô.

Even in the Big Brother Brazil the matter ended up. Participant Arthur joked with João about when he changed the dolls’ hair in the click games, a memory that many people must have registered in their memory as well.

After so many memories, why is there a feeling that the site died? O TecMundo decided to investigate this mystery.

End of Flash

The rumors about the death of the click games started mainly after the end of Flash. Adobe technology emerged as graphics development software and was read from specific browser plugins.

A relevant part of the internet in the early 2000s used the solution to shoot videos and animated images that were a little more elaborate. In addition, the tool was also one of the main raw materials of browser games.

Who doesn’t remember Line Rider, for example? The little game consisted of drawing their own sled tracks on the ice so that their doll could perform the most radical maneuvers in the white screen scenario. The title was created in Flash and was fun for many people.

In 2017, Adobe’s own bomb came: Flash would be discontinued and would no longer have official support from December 2020.

Since then, the pages that have this application are appearing disabled and with messages to manually activate the player.

In this case, the Click Jogos games were in Flash. What happened to the site, then? That is the mystery.

So, did Click Jogos die or not?

Based on the assumption that Flash died and the Click Jogos games were in Flash, is it possible to say that the site also died? To end the mystery, let’s say right away: No, Click Jogos is not dead! On the contrary, the site remains more alive than ever! “How?”, You must be asking yourself, reader. Calm down, we’ll explain.

With the end of the flash, the Click Games collection is being updated with games in HTML5. The markup language (set of data applied to a text) has among the benefits the improvement of the performance of a page, acceptance by several devices and offline data storage.

For several years the tool has emerged as a possible replacement for Flash, as it delivers functionality and is lightweight for applications. Sites and platforms of large companies in the market, such as Google, use HTML5.

The NZN Editorial and Social Media Leader (company that owns the brands click games It’s from TecMundo), Carlos Augusto Schinemann Junior, the “Bill”, explained that many game developers have used the language and that is why it has become a perfect alternative for the click games.

“As it is a more advanced technology, the experience for users improves a lot since, for example, there is no longer a need to install plugins. In addition, in my opinion, the main advantage is speed. That is, HTML5 games are lighter and load much faster ”, he argued.

Bill also commented that the click games is stronger than ever, as in 2021 several major games (including famous franchises like Super Mario) continue to be released for browsers.

Finally, he said that the public has made what the click games it is today and that many people continue to have access to the most fun titles for the first time. “The Click Jogos community grows every day, it is impressive! And that makes our audience very diverse. For example, we have users who have been playing for years, since adolescence and who are now 24/25 years old. In addition to them, we have children and adolescents who are a new generation of players ”, he concluded.

Well, now that you realize that click games didn’t die, how about remembering current versions of several of the games you’ve played for some time? Stay tuned on TecMundo because in the coming days we will bring more special articles about this site that is forever in our hearts!

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