Despite Protests, Prosecutors Still Demand Two Novel Attackers 1 Year Bu

Jakarta, IDN Times – Despite widespread protests by the public, the public prosecutor (prosecutor) still demands that the two defendants attack the novel Baswedan for one year each. This was conveyed by the North Jakarta District Attorney’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, Satria Irawan, in a further trial on Monday (6/22). Yesterday’s trial agenda was listening to a replica from the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Satria Irawan requested that the panel of judges of the North Jakarta District Court refuse the defense memorandum submitted by the attorneys of the two defendants. Two attackers namely Ronny Bugis and Rahmat Kadir were defended by a special team from the National Police Headquarters consisting of nine active police personnel.

“We prosecutors have asked Your Honor to reject the plea presented by the defendant’s legal counsel. The public prosecutor has adhered to the letter of complaint that we had read on Thursday, June 11, 2020,” Satria said in the courtroom and was quoted by the news agency Among.

The Prosecutor’s Team from Kajari Jakut demanded that each of the attackers be 1 year in jail for judging the two of them not intentionally splashing sulfuric acid into the face of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) senior investigator. Ronny and Rahmat intend to give a lesson to the novel by watering the body, but instead is exposed to the face.

Both of them were considered by the prosecutor to be indicted by article 353 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code Jo article 55 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.

Then, what were the contents of the prosecutor’s replica that rejected the two defendants’ defense memorandum?

1. The prosecutor denied that Baswedan’s novel lost his sense of sight due to the wrong medical treatment

(Senior investigator of Baswedan Novel after being doused with hard water) BETWEEN PHOTOS / Akbar Nugroho Gumay

Since the beginning, Novel has stated that the trial that began in mid-March at the North Jakarta District Court was merely a farce. He considered the investigation of the case to have been problematic from the start.

In addition to feeling ridiculed because the prosecutor instead demanded mildly for the two defendants, their attorney judged that Novel’s eyes were damaged not because they were doused with hard water by his client. In reading the memorandum of defense on (6/17), the attorney said that one of Novel’s eyes had a permanent disability due to a mistake in medical treatment. However, the prosecutor denied this.

“The evidence of the victim’s eye damage was not due to the defendant’s actions but (medical) mismanagement was unacceptable because the victim suffered damage to the right and left corneas that caused potential blindness or lack of five senses according to the visum et repertum. As a result, it caused illness or obstruction in carrying out work, position or a temporary search, “Satria said.

Last week, Rahmat’s attorney said that Novel did not follow the doctor’s instructions for cleaning the eyeball in Mitra Kelapa Gading Hospital. The novel was immediately moved to the Jakarta Eye Center Hospital. Then, he was brought to Singapore and there experienced complications.

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2. The prosecutor also denied the two defendants spontaneously flushed Novel’s face

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Despite Protests, Prosecutors Still Demand Two Novel Attackers 1 Year Bui The two perpetrators of hard watering on Baswedan Novel (Right RM, Left RB) (IDN Times / Lia Hutasoit)

In the hearing that was held that afternoon, the prosecutor was also revealed to have rejected the plea of ​​the two defendants who called the hard watering action carried out spontaneously. Prosecutors said the action had been planned in advance.

“The proof is that the defendant had deliberately searched for an address, borrowed a motorcycle, conducted a survey and subsequently poured sulfuric acid liquid mixed with water to cause permanent disability. It was not spontaneity because it created permanent defects (to the victim witness),” Satria said again.

The attorney’s attitude today seems different. He looks as if he sided with the novel. In fact, another member of the public prosecutor, Fedrik Adhar, said that the watering of the novel was accidental.

Citizens were furious about the statement. They then dug up Fedrik’s track record in cyberspace and found strong suspicions he often displayed a luxurious lifestyle. Citizens then compared a prosecutor’s official salary with luxury items in photographs on his social media.

3. Novel Baswedan requested that the two defendants of the attackers be released

Despite Protests, Prosecutors Still Demand Two Novel Attackers 1 Year Bui Senior investigator KPK Novel Baswedan. (IDN Times / Margith Juita Damanik)

In the middle of the trial still going on, Novel then made a statement that surprised the public. Through his social media account, Novel requested that the two defendants of the attackers be released.

In his tweet on social media on (6/15) then, from the beginning the novel had doubted Ronny Bugis and Rahmat Kadir were the real actors who poured hard water into his face. In addition, the senior investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) felt harassed, because the prosecutor instead demanded that they each go to jail one year. In fact, the journey to be able to reveal the names of the two takes almost three years.

“I am also not sure the two men were the culprits. When I asked investigators and prosecutors, they could not explain the link between the perpetrators and the evidence,” Novel said on his social media account.

Instead of continuing the trial and making it up, Novel asks that the two defendants be released.

The trial continued on Monday (29/6) with the agenda of hearing duplicate hearings from the two defendants.

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