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The WWDC is in full swing and so there is an outlook on the upcoming software lineup from Apple – including iOS / iPadOS / tvOS 14 and watchOS 7. Of course, macOS 11.0, which listens to “Big Sur”, should not be missing. macOS Big Sur contains the largest update for Safari to date and extensive improvements in messages, maps and data protection.

macOS Big Sur

Apple today previewed macOS Big Sur. The latest version of the desktop operating system is redesigned, which is new, but is still said to be familiar. Safari is packed with new features, including a customizable homepage, new tabs, and new translation options. Furthermore, Apple has equipped the news app with new functions, so that we are on a par with iOS and iPadOS. Maps also offers new functions for exploring and navigating the world.

Design upgrade

macOS Big Sur offers a spacious new design that makes navigation easier and provides the user with more controls. Apple not only worked on the general look, but also went into detail. Everything from the curvature of the window corners to the color and material palette has been refined. The icons in the dock have also been revised and are now supposed to match the icons in the entire Apple ecosystem even better. Apple has made considerable efforts to maintain the character of the Mac.

The customizable menu bar has a new control center that allows quick access to the controls from the desktop. An updated notification center includes more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets in various sizes. These are intended to provide users with more relevant information at a glance.

The entire experience now makes a more targeted and fresher impression – the visual complexity is reduced and the focus is on the content of the users.


As Apple explains, macOS Big Sur brings the most comprehensive update to Safari since its original launch in 2003. Safari now opens websites 50 percent faster than Google Chrome and uses half the energy.

Tabs have been redesigned to make navigation with Safari faster and more powerful. Now more tabs are shown on the screen. In addition, users get a quick preview of a website when they move the mouse over the tab.

Safari brings new features for better customization when surfing the web. Users can customize the new homepage with a background image and areas such as their reading list and iCloud tabs.

With the integrated translation function, Safari can recognize and translate entire websites from seven languages ​​with just one click.

Apple also attaches great importance to data protection. A new overview of data protection provides additional insight into how Safari protects activities while surfing the web. Users can also determine when and which websites a Safari extension can use.


The messaging app on Mac gets new tools to better organize important conversations and share meaningful messages. Users can now pin their favorite conversations to their message list. The search has been completely redesigned – results are now organized in links, photos and appropriate terms.

Finally, the effects known from iOS find their way into the macOS message app. Effects let users customize messages with balloons, confetti, and more.

Memojis now feel at home on Mac and can be created and customized in Big Sur. Of course, the associated stickers must not be missing. And with a new photo selection and #images, it’s easy to share pictures, GIFs and videos quickly.

As with iOS 14, macOS users will be better able to manage group messages in the future. With the help of so-called inline replies, users can refer directly to a message. Direct chat to an individual is also possible in group chat. Users can now set a photo or emoji for their group conversation that is visible to all members of the group.


The map app for macOS gets a complete overhaul. For macOS Big Sur, Apple brings new functions to explore the world. Guides help you find places to visit and plan activities. Own lists of favorite restaurants, parks and vacation spots can be created and shared with friends.

With “Look Around” users get a 360 ° view of a travel destination and can search detailed indoor maps of large airports and shopping centers. Routes for bike tours and trips with the electric car can now also be planned with the map app and sent directly to the iPhone.


As always, data protection comes first at Apple. The company has also committed itself to transparency for macOS Big Sur. The user should have more control over their own data. This can also be seen in the Mac App Store. The new data protection information in the Mac App Store clearly shows users the data protection practices of apps before downloading.


The developer beta version of macOS Big Sur is available today for members of the Apple Developer Program at A public beta version will be available to Mac users next month at macOS Big Sur will be available as a free software update this fall. For more information, including compatible Mac models, go to

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