Demon Slayer: 10 Things Season 2 Anime Must Answer


Expectations are high for the release of Season 2 of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaima, in the original). With its epic plot and engaging characters, the plot managed to attract the audience’s attention by introducing the saga of Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko as they try to free themselves from powerful demons and[inconsequential[inconsequentes

With the release of a very interesting movie, the current narrative connections were raised to a new power, leaving some unanswered questions for the next episodes. So, check out 10 things Season 2 of the anime should answer fans!

10. The strength of Nekuzo

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During a specific fight with Rui, Nezuko awakened his demonic powers, including using fire magic to help save Tanjiro from death. This character’s new power, also called Explosive Blood, allows her to burn her own blood in powerful flames.

In this sense, the next episodes should focus on the consequences of these discoveries and other truly chaotic impasses for Nezuko to further demonstrate his strength.

9. The family of Muzan

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During Season 1, the protagonists learn that Muzan Kibutsuji pretends to be a human and even has a family, including a human wife and daughter.

This fact makes Tanjiro furious, even though he doesn’t know exactly what Muzan’s specific intentions are. In that way, it’s possible that this is a very interesting question to be addressed in Season 2.

8. Tamayo’s research

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During the first episodes, Tanjiro meets Tamayo, a doctor turned into a demon, who is in search of a solution that will reverse this apparently definitive situation. She then requests that her new ally provide her with some overly strong demon blood samples to aid her in her research.

However, there hasn’t been much space for the return of this plot within the narrative, leaving season 2 to bring more answers about this investigation.

7. The infamous Hashira group

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The Hashira are all introduced during the season 1 finale, bringing an air of latent superiority to the characters. Consisting of a group of demon hunters, there is still a lot to be explored about them, considering that, apparently, they are all very strong.

The expectation is that the next episodes will address its main issues, including hierarchy, methods and other curiosities.

6. The final selection fighter

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During the final selection, one of the fights acts in a very violent way, mainly because he is eager to conquer his Michurin sword. Despite having a confrontation with Tanjiro, he is not seen again until he meets this character again at the Butterfly Mansion.

His name was not mentioned much in the episodes, but it seems that he will continue to be quite important in the story and, in this way, the 2nd season will be able to delve into him.

5. The Kizuki Ranking

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in the movie of Demon Slayer, there are several intense battle sequences involving Azaka, one of the Kizuki — an organization made up of the twelve strongest demons in the narrative. However, the question that remained in the air is: where are the other members of this group? Are they extremely scary like Azaka or even more fearsome?

There’s no telling that the other demons will appear in the next few episodes, but it would be interesting to get to know them soon.

4. Zenitsu

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A curious fact, involving Zenitsu, is that he can only fight demons when he is totally unconscious, and can even kill them with lightning speed and sharp precision. Although it seems like a peculiarity of this character in particular, it would be interesting to know the causes that lead him to it. Will season 2 approach this story at all?

3. Kagaya Ubuyashiki

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The Season 1 finale introduced Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the master of the Demon Corps, for the first time. In addition to his appearance having provoked different feelings in the public, many doubts surround his existence, after all, the Hashira group has great respect and admiration for him.

In this respect, the next episodes could provide more details about his past life, showing his interactions and goals within the narrative.

2. The secret of Hinokami Kagura

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When all seemed lost during a fight with Rui, Tanjiro remembers the dance his father taught him in the past, creating a way to use the fire breathing technique known as Hinokami Kagura.

Although the character has tried to find out more about this subject, nothing has been obtained so far, leaving season 2 to bring new details about this technique, which apparently has everything to do with Tanjiro’s origins.

1. The evolution of protagonists

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At the end of the first season, Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke train at the Butterfly Mansion and get stronger as time goes on. With the improvement of several techniques, they are able to do several exercises together to stand out.

even though Mugen Train, the film in the series, having shown a little of this evolution, it would be interesting to take advantage of these aspects even more. Let’s wait for season 2!

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