Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong Apink

Park Chorong is the leader of a girl group from South Korea, Apink. Besides singing, Chorong has also been involved in acting. After debuting 9 years, Chorong was finally given the chance to debut a big screen in his latest film, entitled ‘Road Family’. Besides being a major player, this film is also the first film played by Park Chorong. Filming in 2018, ‘Road Family’ is said to be released in July.

The film ‘Road Family’ tells the story of Chorong who plays Yuri, a loner who finds comfort only in music. Until finally he met with Dahye (Kim Dahye) and his special family. ‘Road Family’ focuses on Yuri’s journey to maturity.

This woman who was born in 1991 has also starred in several KDrama that you may have watched! Approximately what KDrama ever starred in Chorong? See below.

1. All My Love (2010)

Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong Apinkdkpopnews

Before officially debuting as a member of Apink, Chorong made his acting debut in a drama titled “All My Love”. This drama is a family theme. In this MBC drama, Chorong has the role of a person part-timer who is good at Hapkido.

Although only a supporting role in this drama, Chorong is juxtaposed with Dujun ‘Highlight’ and also actor Yeon Woojin.

2. Reply 1997 (2012)

Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong Apinkpinterest

After debuting 2 years since his first acting, Chorong was then given the opportunity to appear in the drama “Reply 1997” starring Apink member Jung Eunji.

As a form of support, 2 members of Apink, Chorong and Bomi, also appeared in this drama. Despite being a cameo, Chorong gave a good impression to the audience of this drama. Acting as Lee Ilhwa when he was young, Chorong had a dialogue with a distinctive Busan accent.

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3. Plus Nine Boys (2014)

Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong Apinkdkpopnews

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Already known since the training period before debut, for the first time Chorong is paired with Yook Sungjae from BTOB. In this drama Chorong plays a character named Han Sooah.

This character is one of Chorong’s ‘Girl Crush’ characters. The cool but adorable nature of Chorong is played very cool.

4. Special Law of Romance (2017)

Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong

Special Law of Romance is a web drama starring Chorong along with Kim Mingyu and Hyuk VIXX. In this drama Chorong plays the main character named Seo Jihye. Jihye is a workshopper owner.

This drama tells the story of Kim Mingyu who is a lawyer in love with Chorong. Chorong received a lot of praise for his acting through this web drama.

5. A Poem A Day (2018)

Debut Widescreen, These 5 KDrama Ever Starring Chorong

Chorong greeted his fans again through his special appearance in tvN’s drama “A Poem A Day”. Although only as a cameo, the fans who have been waiting for acting from Chorong are very satisfied with this performance.

In this drama, the character of Chorong named Kang Mirae who is a student who has to work part-time to make ends meet. Mirae is a former lover of Kim Namwoo who had to part because of differences.

Well, that was proof of Chorong Apink’s acting career from some of the dramas he has starred in. So cool, Chorong! Besides being praised for his leadership at Apink, Chorong also has a promising acting career!

Below is the trailer for Chorong’s latest film, titled “Road Family”! Wow, you can’t wait!

Come on, watch the movie trailer for ‘Road Family’

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