Deal Done: History program is false or true?

Many people wonder if the program Done deal (Paws Stars, in the original), shown by the History Channel, is composed of totally true stories. Over 19 seasons and more than 500 episodes, great news has already gone through the evaluation of employees and owners of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop store, located in Las Vegas.

Running the establishment are Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison, three different generations of the same family, as well as Austin Russell, popularly known as Chumlee. Throughout the episodes, these figures take turns as presenters of the cases that will be covered, showing some unusual customers of the store and helping to investigate the artifacts that arrive at the place.

Despite having already presented several personalities and curious objects in its development, it is necessary to warn that the episodes are fully scripted by a team specialized in making the narratives more palatable to the viewers.

This does not necessarily mean that these stories are false, but for everything to be explained in a blunt way to the audience, the production work needs to be done.

(History Channel/Playback)Source:  History Channel

Done deal: understand how the dynamics of the program works

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is a place where people can get rid of rare items in their personal collection, selling them for the price that is offered. In this kind of modern antiquary, it is possible to find objects from the past that were, or still are, valuable to certain people.

Collectors are very fond of this type of place, especially since real rarities can be found during a mine. Thus, it must be said that the store is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, in one of the most historic areas of the city, open 24 hours a day and having in its collection a wide range of decorative items — such as movie sets, for example.

On the show, episodes focus on in-depth negotiations and investigations into what is being offered. Often, the people who take their items there have several arguments about the trajectory of their items. Some stories are quite curious and unusual, and can make all the difference at the time of purchase by the team responsible for the store.

There are pieces that are rare, valued even in the millions. It can be said that curiosity is the factor that moves viewers in every way, hooking them to know what would happen to a particular article after having its story publicly exposed. As the channel’s own executives once reported, the success lies in the way the episode’s narrative is constructed for the audience.

Therefore, many of the encounters that are seen on stage are not by chance. A fierce team, tuned in to the trends of this type of market, unfolds, every new season, to find characters who are willing to sell rare objects in front of the cameras.

(History Channel/Playback)(History Channel/Playback)Source:  History Channel

Again, it must be emphasized: the stories are factual and may actually have happened, but the encounters between the show’s presenters and people are motivated by the production. Of course, even so, the merit of the program is not affected, especially because there is an extensive work of research and organization of the narrative so that everything is assembled and finalized later.

During the presentation of the negotiations, curiosities that surround the objects worked in the episodes are brought to the center of attention, in order to contextualize the audience. Various experts also talk to the program about their impressions of the contents shown, leaving the dynamics of Done deal very atractive.

How is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop working with the coronavirus pandemic?

In 2018, Richard Harrison, founder of the store, died at the age of 77. For this reason, the recordings of the program had a break. With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the store was entirely affected, as it remained closed for some time, until it was reopened with reduced hours. For being on television, the visibility of the place is huge, making it a tourist spot for visitors to Las Vegas.

The new season, which was recorded during this period, needed to redouble their care, follow strict safety protocols and organize even more the pace of production.

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