Dark Season 3: Who are the actors of the Netflix series? Instagram etc.

All the info on Dark Season 3 actors on Netflix! Who are they ? Where did you see them? Where to follow them on Instagram?

The Dark Season 3, the German event series from Netflix returns, while the time loop is finally coming to an end. The cast and actors of the series is quite unusual. Some characters are played by three different actors at different times. But we have provided some information on the main actors. If you come before the release of Season 3 on Netflix, discover the explanation of the end of the previous season to get the ideas clear!

In the meantime, if you want to know more about main actors of Dark Season 3 on Netflix, who are they and where follow on Instagram so read on!

Who are the actors of Dark Season 3? Where to follow them on Instagram?

Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald is the main protagonist of the series. Jonas is a teenager who finds himself at the center of the great mystery of Dark’s time travel. He is particularly determined to close the time loop and is considered an extremely important figure in solving the mystery. It is Jonas’ father, Michael Kahwald, whose death appears to have marked the start of the series of events described in the series.

You could see it in the Danish war film Land of Mine. He also played supporting roles in the cinema. For example in the Jennifer Lawrence film, Red Sparrow. Andreas Pietschmann plays an adult version of Jonas, while the actor Dietrich Hollinderbäumer plays Adam in an even older and disfigured version of Jonah who fulfills a special role in the time loop. To pursue the actor sure Instagram, @louishofmann.

Lisa Vicari

Lisa Vicari plays the role of Martha Nielsen, Martha is a fellow student and a lover of Jonah. But she seems to be dead at the end of the second season. Only so that an alternative version of the character appears in the last moments. It’s this version of Martha from a different world that appears in the season 3 of Dark. Barbara Nüsse plays Eva, an older version of Martha who is Adam’s version of her world. You may have seen her in the lead female role in Netflix’s film Isi & Ossi. To pursue the actress on Instagram @ lisa.vicari.

Oliver masucci

Oliver Masucci plays the role of Ulrich Nielsen, he is Martha’s father and Winden police officer. Ulrich is primarily responsible for the investigation of missing persons in the city. But he ended up by chance in 1953, where he was locked up after trying to kill the child version of Helge Doppler. The adult version of which he believes is responsible for the disappearance of children. He ends up being locked up in a psychiatric establishment for more than 33 years after being apprehended by Egon Tiedemann. Besides Dark, Nielsen is best known for playing Adolf Hitler in Look Who’s Back, a German satirical film from 2015. To follow the actor on Instagram @oliver_masucci.

Jordis Triebel

Jordis Triebel plays the role of Katharina Nielsen, she is the school principal of Winden, and Ulrich’s wife. She is initially skeptical when asked about time travel, but eventually accepts that it is true. At the end of the second season, we found her exploring near the caves, where the portal is located. You may have seen it in Westen, Emmas Gluck and Ein Atem, which won it a German Film Award nomination.

Paul Lux

Paul Lux plays the role of Bartosz Tiedemann, he is Jonas’ best friend. Bartosz discovers that his friends are turning against him when he agrees to associate with a mysterious priest named Noah. But he won their support again after explaining to them the time machine and taking them away in 1987. To follow the Dark actor on Instagram @ paullux1234.

The cast being very wide I will finish by giving you the names of the forgotten! Maja Schöne plays the role of Hannah Kahnwald, Lisa Kreuzer plays the old Claudia Tiedemann. Stephan Kampwirth in Peter Doppler, Carlotta von Falkenhayn in Elisabeth Doppler, Daan Lennard Liebrenz in Mikkel Nielsen, Moritz Jahn in Magnus Nielsen, Gina Stiebitz in Franziska Doppler, Sandra Borgmann in the future Elisabeth, Lydia Makrides in Regina Tiedemann.

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