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Despite the national presence, the Post Office does not deliver parcels to everyone’s home. In some cases, such as those in risk areas, the company goes to the agency and the consumer must pick up the package personally. If the restriction is not informed at the time of purchase, the customer can request a refund of the freight charge.

Post office delivery truck (Image: Fernando Frazão / Agência Brasil)

Post office delivery truck (Image: Fernando Frazão / Agência Brasil)

In an interview with TV Globo, the legal director of Procon-RJ, Henrique Neves, stated that the consumer can claim the refund if the order is not delivered to the home as expected. According to him, the client can go to court if he considers that the return was not proportional.

“The value of the freight is usually calculated based on the distance between the location of the physical store and the consumer’s home. You have to calculate proportionally the distance between the post office closest to the consumer’s residence in order to have a proportional discount ”.

This is what the Procon units in São Paulo, the Federal District and Santa Catarina also point out. Wanted by Tecnoblog, the agencies indicate that charging freight that does not meet the agreement represents a violation of the Consumer Protection Code. To comply with the rules, stores must explain, before payment, how the delivery will be carried out.

The service coordinator of Procon-SP, Renata Reis, says that the consumer can demand a refund if they have to pick up a package at the agency after the store does not inform about the limitation. According to her, the refund must be total, without considering the proportion of the distance that was not met by the carrier.

“We do not have a single table of freight and transportation costs for which to apply uniformly, not least because each logistics company will have different criteria for charging,” says Renata. “The collection of freight has to be reimbursed to the consumer, who had to take the product, in disagreement with the expectation that was generated when he made the purchase”.

The representative of Procon-SP points out that the value must be returned by the store, and not by the Post Office. “He [o lojista] you have to work with a logistics partner to provide complete information, whether there is a restriction or not and how the delivery will be made. Even if it proves that there was a problem with the partner, we will apply the rule of joint and several liability ”, he explains.

After the refund, the store can call the post office or another carrier that did not deliver as agreed.

Post Office (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Post Office (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

What the Consumer Protection Code says

Procon-DF explains that the CDC guarantees the right to adequate and clear information on the price of products and services at the time of purchase. “The consumer must be informed about the exact place of delivery, and the value of the freight must be calculated according to the place of destination”, says the agency in a note.

The understanding is shared by Procon-SC, which provides for the possibility of the consumer filing a complaint against the store. The agency states that, “if delivery is not made to the address indicated by the consumer on the date of purchase, the right to pay a different price for the freight is born, given that in many cases the consumer has to travel to the distribution center to get the product ”.

What the Post Office says

THE Tecnoblog contacted the Post Office, which explains that it establishes Parcel Delivery Restriction Areas (AREs) based on surveys in its security area. According to the company, the regions are defined based on risk maps of public security agencies and the number of robberies in the distribution.

“This temporary condition of parcel delivery has the objective of guaranteeing the safety of workers and customers, and the integrity of postal parcels”, affirmed the Correios. The carrier allows you to check if your address is in a risk area through this link.

Correios says users can opt for lockers (Image: Marcela Castro / Correios / RJ)

Correios says users can opt for lockers (Image: Marcela Castro / Correios / RJ)

The company states that, in risk areas, the notice about differentiated delivery occurs at the time of posting and are also indicated for online stores. In these cases, the state-owned company points out that the shipment can take place with an extended deadline or with a notice delivered to the residence to explain how the consumer can pick up the package at the agency.

“With regard to service charges, the company has costs for postage, treatment, transport and delivery that consider the entire city or municipality. Accordingly, price differentiation or reimbursement is not applicable. There are cases in which non-home delivery can even generate higher costs for the Post Office compared to the conventional one ”.

The Correios claim that, in addition to picking up the order at the agency, customers can opt for the lockers. The cabinets can be used at any time of the day, however, they are not yet available across the country: for now, there are only seven in the state of Rio de Janeiro and three in the Federal District.

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