There are many Cracked Android Apps download sites available online, but they just do tricks for their users by typing HACK & MOD in the title. But I searched the internet for 3 months for the same topic and found many websites and this website is very good for life.

I suggest you visit this website if you are looking for paid/installed apps or free games. So why wait and look for the best sites to download cracked Android apps?

Best Cracked Android Apps Download Sites

I highly recommend you visit this website if you want to find free paid/custom apps or games. So why wait to find an easy site to download cracked Android apps?

The sites we add are highly effective and authentic, so you can expect regular real-time updates. It’s amazing to recommend cracked apps online.

We have collected easy sites to download cracked Android apps. We are not responsible for the misuse of the application provided below.

How Does Hacked Software Work?

Enhanced software development occurs when someone obtains an official title and then uses a program to “disassemble” or modify the code. … Once someone finds out the plan to steal, modify or copy the platform so it becomes possible in an instant.

Why Do We Need Cracking Apps?

On Google Play Store, premium apps are highly priced and most people can’t afford them. That’s when cracked apps come to save the day. You will be able to find most of the premium apps available for free on popular Android-cracked websites. We also need to be hacked apps to store old APK packages for certain premium Android apps, which can be useful for running apps on older Android OS versions. Google Play Store does not allow users to download old versions of certain apps.

In short, downloading cracked apps is neither ethical nor legal. If you use stolen property, you cannot be rewarded for your hard work. Now the decision you make.

List of Best Cracked Android Apps Sites

There are many games and apps in Google Play Store, but all of them are free. So whenever we hear about any app from our friends or like any app while roaming on Google Play and it’s free, this is the part where we get mad, and believe me it’s really hard to get free apps from paying. Reasons why you should use the cracked app store to download apk files;

You can get any paid game or app for free.

  1. Latest application
  2. Install incompatible apps.
  3. The root is not required
  4. Cracked Android apps.

Below are some of the best sites or app stores to download free apk for apk apps and games. You can download any app or game for free regardless if you are paid or not. I have used these sites for a long time. Some of these sites are cracked app stores and some websites.

If you are looking for cracked or moderate Android apps, we have recommendations to help you download them from cracked APK websites. Here is a list of the best sites to download rejected Android apps:

1. BlackMart Alfa

BlackMart Alfa cracked android apps site

Blackmart Alpha is very similar to Google Play Store, but all applications can be downloaded here for free. The user interface is simple and pleasant, so it doesn’t take long to get used to it. Also, you don’t need to create an account. This is the first direct download cracked Android app site.

BlackMart Alpha features:

  • There are no fees associated with their services.
  • Simple and straightforward user interface.
  • There are several options to choose from.
  • You can find the full version of the application.


2. ApkPure

ApkPure has many apps available on Google Play Store and it is an excellent PlayStore app. This website is safe and you don’t have to worry about virus threats. You can also download an older version of the app from mirror websites.

App features:

  • It offers various applications and even older versions.
  • Simple and efficient user interface.
  • There is no spam and the website is free from virus threats.
  • The app is updated regularly and the app description is accurate and up to date.
  • Apps are classified based on user-friendly behavior.


3. APK4Free

apk4free paid apps free

Looking for a place to download Paid Android apps and games? One of the sites that we recommend comes from APK4Free, which is quite credible about modded applications.

Here you can enjoy all of its features for free, there are also other photo and video editing applications, Moded Games, Moded Apps, and many more

All these modified applications have been separated by their respective categories. The experience offered is the same as when downloading applications through the Google Play Store.

APK4Free Features:

  • Paid Android apps are available for free.
  • Classified applications and games.
  • They have a help section on how to download the app.
  • The user interface is easy to follow.
  • The variety and position of the mirrors will definitely not let you down.


4. RevDL

Cracked Android Apps

Looking for a place to download Mod apps and games? You can visit a site called Revdl which provides a variety of Android applications and games in APK format.

Applications and games available on Revdl have been modified in such a way. You can easily use paid applications to become free by downloading the APK file via Revdl.

What makes Revdl even more interesting is its minimalistic user interface. Each APK has been grouped by category so you won’t get confused.



APKmb™ is specially designed for always sharing Android apps and games completely free. With the help of this, you will run all kinds of mobile apps, games, fireworks etc. from Android to your mobile device without ads.

How to Download from APKMB:

  • download cracked apk
  • Download from Upload. cc (recommended)
  • Remove “Download Plugin” from the home page.
  • Click “Download”
  • You will be redirected to page 2.
  • Click “Download” on page 2
  • your file should start downloading.
  • Link to APKMB website

6. APK4Fun

APK4Fun is an Android APK file fetching service. There are thousands of the latest applications and games that you can download for free. will install APK files on your Android phone without fear of malware or spyware threats.

APK4Fun Features:

  • Category of installed apps and games
  • Fast download links from popular file hosting servers like ZippyShare and Rapidgator
  • Huge collection of free and paid cracked apps

7. OnHax

Onhax is another great Android app site to use this year. The website has security services to prevent unauthorized changes and other threats. The only problem with this site is the regular ads. Therefore, you may want to consider using Adblocker.

OnHax Features:

  • This website is safe and no nonsense.
  • Apps with premium unlocking capabilities can be downloaded for free.
  • Wide selection of applications such as Spotify and others.
  • Combination games are also available on the site.
  • Clean and easy to use website interface.

8. ApkWhale

If we persist and make a list of the best broken Android apps, ApkWhale can’t make any money. You have a good website design with the best traffic. Your search for any mod will end here. You can also port your mods to ApkWhale.

ApkWhale Features:

  • Simple but very attractive user interface.
  • All the best apps and mods are available in APK format.
  • In addition, the application is completely free.
  • Request or submit features for new apps as they become available.
  • All apps have detailed information and how to use guide.


Question: How to Download and Install Free Cracking Program

Answer: Downloading free apk files is very simple. You can follow these steps.

  • First, go to the decrypted site or app store.
  • Then download the apk file you want to your phone.
  • On your phone go to Settings >> Security and Enable anonymous resources option. If you don’t know Android, the option to enable anonymous apps will be given to the screen when you click on the apk app.
  • Now find the apk file which you downloaded earlier.
  • Tap on the apk and install it.

Question: Is Downloading Cracked Apk Apps and Games Safe?

Answer: Yes, it is a personal choice. I’ve been downloading paid Android apps for a long time and so far I’ve never had a problem with my Android phone. While downloading cracked apps is not a recommended practice, as it is possible for your phone to be infected with malware, adware and viruses, it may not matter if you download from trusted sources such as the sites and app stores mentioned above. .


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