CPU-Z and GPU-Z: Here’s How to Download and Use PC Programs

the software GPU-Z e CPU-Z are quite popular and one of the best options available to follow, respectively, information from the video card e do processor from the computer. Both programs are free and allow the user to analyze PC performance with detailed, real-time data.

We show in the following step-by-step how to download and use the software to better understand how these components work.

GPU-Z: Video Card Analysis

The software identifies the characteristics of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, in Portuguese) installed in the computer and how it behaves under different system demands. With a simple and intuitive interface, GPU-Z provides a complete diagnosis of the video card, whether in everyday functions, during games or during renderings, for example. The program supports video cards from manufacturers NVIDIA e AMD, and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

To use GPU-Z, follow the steps below:

1. Access TechPowerUp GPU-Z to download the standard version of the file. Click the blue “Download” button.

2. Choose the server closest to your location. After that, the program will be downloaded automatically.

3. Run the program, allowing the application to make changes to your device.

4. Installing the program is optional. Click “Yes” to install it or “Not Now” to run it portable.

The program window should open by itself after execution. You can access it later from the extensions area of ​​the taskbar.

Real-time information from the video card helps in the diagnosis of the hardware, in addition to proving overclocking records in competitions, for example.Source: Mariela Cancelier/TecMundo

In the software interface, it is possible to consult basic information about the video card, such as name, model, size, memory type and even release date. When hovering over the features, a floating balloon explains each of the board’s components and technologies.

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Switching to the “Sensors” tab, GPU-Z displays the graphics card clock, memory consumption and temperature in real time. In “Advanced”, the user can consult information on technologies compatible with the cards, such as DirectX and OpenCL.

CPU-Z: full system analysis

Like GPU-Z, CPU-Z also has a simple interface that provides complete data about the computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit). Through the program, it is possible to monitor the performance of various components of the PC, such as processor, memoirs, motherboard and even the graphics card — although it’s less detailed in this regard than GPU-Z.

What makes this software so popular is its differentiator: CPU-Z is lightweight, runs on any machine, and can show complete information of the system. In addition, the program also explains about the compatibility of parts with the PC, in case the user wants to upgrade in the future.

To use CPU-Z, follow the steps below:

1. Access the CPU-Z page (via CPUID) to download the classic version of the file. There are options to download custom versions, which feature manufacturer logos and custom colors. To ensure conventional editing, just click “Setup – English”

CPU-Z can be downloaded even in custom versionsCPU-Z can be downloaded even in custom versionsSource: TecMundo/Screenshot

2. After downloading, run the program and allow the app to make changes to your device.

3. Accept the terms for installing the software and complete the procedure.

CPU-Z is one of the most popular tools for diagnosing computer hardware.CPU-Z is one of the most popular tools for diagnosing computer hardware.Source: Mariela Cancelier/ TecMundo

The CPU-Z interface has several tabs on the computer system, with real-time numbers. The first “CPU” tab shows complete information about the processor, including codename, family, speed, number of cores e threads.

It is also possible to follow data on installed memories in “Memory”, check the performance of memory modules in “SPD” and consult motherboard specifications in “Mainboard”, for example. Another widely used function in CPU-Z is to performance tests processor, known as a benchmark. In the “Bench” tab, the user tracks and compares the processor power with reference models.

CPU-Z is free and available for all versions of Windows. In 2013, the program received a version for the Android operating system in order to diagnose the system of mobile devices.

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