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Vaccination is the most effective method of combating COVID-19. This is a scientific fact that is becoming increasingly clear: at the moment, most hospitalizations and deaths from the disease recorded in Brazil are among non-vaccinated people. But a rumor that has been circulating on the internet is that the immunizations against COVID-19 make people able to transmit… Bluetooth? And there are people who fall for it.

Where does the rumor that the vaccine transmits Bluetooth comes from?

Like many of the false news that circulate on the internet, the rumor that human beings turn to Bluetooth transmission networks after taking the two doses of vaccine against COVID-19 has persisted on social networks like Twitter and YouTube for a few months.

In June, with the advance of vaccination in Brazil, the Fact or Fake, page of g1 responsible for checks, came across a viral video of a man saying that more people were connecting to the “Wi-Fi network” because of Bluetooth. According to the person, those vaccinated would be “marked” by strange codes. It would be possible to view these codes when searching for Bluetooth devices on the cell phone.

Disinformation is as absurd as it is persistent. A month later, the CNN Brasil he inaugurated his “Vaccine Seriously”, which denies false information about COVID-19 immunizers, such as the Bluetooth rumor. The question on the board still brought the rumor that those vaccinated would be able to transmit a Wi-Fi signal.

More recently, tweets have returned to cite this rumor. On Twitter, a user posted a photo of his cell phone screen with several sequences of Bluetooth devices, captioned “HUNDREDS OF SEQUENCES. UNDERSTANDERS WILL UNDERSTAND”.

Circulating image with supposed connection points indicating vaccinated human beings is false (Image: Reproduction)

Often, fake news like this stays away from the most conscientious bubbles of social media, inside its own resonance chamber. Many of these cores—out of reach of science and facts—continue not only to believe the lie but also to push it outward. This justifies the recurrence of the Bluetooth vaccine myth.

In the video of CNN on YouTube, you can see comments that are not just from July, but also from August, September, October. Some were written weeks ago. One of them says:

yes it happens [vacinados transmitem Bluetooth]!! Turn on Bluetooth in a place with a lot of movement of people. Not all issue code. But there is! Electronic devices appear with name, make and model. Vaccinated people appear with code numbers, letters and “:”. It is a string of 12 digits separated by a colon.

Another comment alleges that the network is withholding information to hide what is “behind the scenes”. The vaccine transmitting Bluetooth would be something hidden from public opinion:

Aham kkkkkk you guys don’t cheat anymore, we’re already aware of what’s going on behind (sic) the cloths

It is impossible to be human and be able to emit a Bluetooth signal

There is no basis to believe that vaccines are capable of introducing, through a millimeter syringe, components capable of transforming a human body into a Bluetooth transmitter. It is not possible to connect devices like the JBL speaker, or transmit photos and videos to our brain (yet).

TO AFP, the professor of Engineering and Nanotechnology at UFRJ, Tiago Balbino, explained that there are devices capable of connecting to the network that can be inserted under human or animal skin, such as chips. But the technology has not advanced to the point of inserting microscopic equipment through syringes.

To g1, José Camargo Costa, professor at the University of Brasília (UnB) and doctor in microelectronics at the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France, says that the rumor is absurd — for a change, like any conspiracy theory:

“A person who takes a vaccine does not become a cell phone device. Communication via Bluetooth requires equipment because our bodies do not generate Bluetooth signals or Wi-Fi signals, none of these communication signals. We are not generators of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals, nor of any radio signals used”

To connect via Bluetooth, the human body would need to emit radio waves. Nobody is able to emit these waves by the will of thought, desire or even after listening to lectures from a quantum coach. No one vaccinated needs to pass Anatel’s approval — unlike any equipment that emits frequencies in Brazil.

On claims that vaccinates emit a signal identifiable by a series of numbers or letters, anyone can name a Bluetooth connection and put in, for example, AstraZeneca123. It is not possible to prove that the signal is emitted by people by default in the name of the network.

“There are no liquid chips dissolved in vaccines. Vaccines against COVID-19 are safe. When it’s your turn, get vaccinated”, concluded the president of the Brazilian Association of Microelectronics, Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz Aylon.

With information: g1, AFP and Instituto Butantan

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