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even the Cell Post made promotions on Black Friday 2021. The virtual operator uses TIM’s network and created offers for the advance purchase of recharge: whoever recharges four months of mobile services will earn another two months. The discount is equal to 33%, and the company also gives internet bonuses on hiring.

Correios promotes mobile plans on Black Friday (Image: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil)

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Black Friday in the plans of Correios Celular

According to Correios Celular, the Black Friday promotion is available until November 30, 2021. So were the plans, which had a 33% discount considering the full price for the six months:

Plano Connections internet package Price
Black Friday 25 60 minutes a month 2,5 GB, being:
1,5 GB do plano
1 GB da Black Friday
BRL 100 for 6 months
Equivalent to BRL 16.67 per month
Black Friday 30 100 minutes a month 4 GB, being:
3 GB do plano
1 GB da Black Friday
BRL 120 for 6 months
Equivalent to BRL 20 per month
Black Friday 40 Unlimited 8 GB, being:
5 GB do plano
2 GB da Black Friday
1GB of portability
BRL 160 for 6 months
Equivalent to BRL 26.67 per month
Black Friday 50 Unlimited 12 GB, being:
9 GB do plano
2 GB da Black Friday
1GB of portability
BRL 200 for 6 months
Equivalent to BRL 33.34 per month
Black Friday 75 Unlimited 24 GB, being:
20 GB do plano
2 GB da Black Friday
2GB of portability
BRL 300 for 6 months
Equivalent to BRL 50 per month

All Correios Celular packages include free access to WhatsApp (except sending videos and video calls), and whoever hires the Black Friday 50 or Black Friday 75 will also get Waze without discounting the franchise.

A detail that is worth mentioning is that Correios Celular recently added support for the eSIM virtual chip in all of its plans. Contracting can be done directly on the operator’s website, and the QR Code for installation is sent via email.

Note that the packages listed include bonus internet portability. Current Correios Celular customers or those who want to purchase a new line must also get an offer. An Anatel resolution states the following:

All offers, including those of a promotional nature, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including the Provider’s Consumers, without distinction based on the date of adhesion or any other form of discrimination within the geographic area of ​​the offer.

Article 46 of Anatel Resolution 632/2014

Correios Celular already puts a link on its website for current customers to recharge with Black Friday offers. If the plan still does not have the bonus and the company refuses to comply with the offer, find out how to complain at Anatel or

Is it worth using the Correios Celular plans?

I consider that the most basic plan, Black Friday 25, is a good option for you to leave as a second line (do you need an extra number for work calls?) or for those who use very little cell phone. You will hardly find a monthly offer from other operators with similar value.

For those who consume more intense data, the Black Friday 75 plan may even be a good option, but you can find better options in the competition:

  • A TIM there is a promotion (which is even easy to find outside of Black Friday, that is) of the control of R$49.99. Considering all bonuses, the plan has 29 GB of internet per month, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger released, as well as free access to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for three months.
  • A Of course There is also an interesting promotion for Claro Flex: the R$49.99 monthly digital plan gets 30 GB of internet considering the Black Friday bonus. The advantage is that the service gives free access to WhatsApp, Facebook (including Messenger), Instagram, Twitter, Waze and Claro Música without discounting the franchise.

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