Corinthians Announces $SCCP Fan Token to Interact with Fans | finance

Corinthians, one of the biggest football clubs in Brazil, announced this Tuesday (22) that it is entering the digital assets market with the launch of its $SCCP fan token. The team has partnered with rewards platform and blockchain services fintech Chiliz to offer fans a new exclusive interaction option with the sports club.

Corinthians launches fan token in partnership with Chiliz (Image: Divulgação/Chiliz)

“Fans from anywhere in the world will be able to purchase the $SCCP fan tokens, developed by Chiliz, and thus have in their hands a powerful digital tool to interact with Corinthians in unprecedented ways, participating in the club’s daily life in special moments”, Corinthians said in a press release.

After all, what is a fan token?

This new type of digital asset has become a trend in sports, with other football big names creating their own fan tokens in recent months such as Barcelona, ​​Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, all through Chiliz. In Brazil, Atlético Mineiro was the first to launch its cryptoactive in early June. Corinthians is now part of the list of 39 clubs that offer this type of asset to their fans on the platform.

Essentially, it’s a token created for interaction between fans and their favorite sports team. However, unlike NFTs, these digital assets are fungible, meaning they can be spent on exclusive club products and services.

According to the statement, when buying the $SCCP fan token, fans will be able to: “Have a voice in surveys to decide who should be honored, participate in forums, quizzes, competitions and promotions with restricted access, view exclusive content, earn gifts and receive rewards by the interaction on the app”.

Turning fans into active participants

“We are proud to announce this partnership with and Chiliz as a result of our intense search for innovations and new engagement platforms with our fans. Now, more than 35 million fans in Brazil and many more around the world will be able to interact with Corinthians in exciting ways, wherever they are”, said Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians Sport Club Paulista.

For him, the current times “require a lot of progress in the digital environment”. Therefore, the club’s new fan token offer is in line with the team’s focus on modernization. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, stated that “the $SCCP fan tokens will give fans of this historic shirt the chance to enjoy unprecedented influence and engagement”.

Dreyfus believes these cryptoactives will shape the future of interactions for fans in Brazil and around the world by turning “passive fans into active participants” in their clubs’ activities.

Chiliz has been expanding its fan token offering worldwide throughout 2021. The Malta-based company now has offices in Spain, Turkey, Argentina and São Paulo, with a new branch to open in the United States in the future next. While its main clients are football clubs, the company has also signed partnerships in Formula 1 and UFC.

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