How to Copy Captions on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking application that allows users to share photos and videos from the device gallery or capture directly from the camera and also allows users to share to other social networks.

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One cool and unique feature is the photo crop feature. With this feature, you can crop photos into different square shapes with a 16: 9 or 4: 3 aspect ratio on the camera of the mobile device.


So it looks like the results of the Polaroid camera and the Instamatic Kodak.

Instagram application is available on Google Play and Apple App Store which you can download with a minimum operating system version 2.2 Froyo for Android and version 8 for Windows Phone.

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You can use the Instagram application on any iPhone and iPad version.

This application comes with the main feature of optimizing sharing images and videos, but you can also post caption text with interesting words for business purposes and so on.

Often yes we see posts interesting words and we want to take the text and want to share again. But unfortunately, on Instagram, there is no such feature.

If you want to save the caption text in the form of images, you can do a screenshot.

But if you want to save it in text form, there are several steps that can be done as follows:

How to Copy Captions on Instagram

1. Open Photos / Posts

The first thing to do is to open a post that will copy the caption text.

You will see additional options by pressing the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Then select the Copy Link or Copy Link option.

copy instagram text

2. Open the Browser Application

The second step, you can open your favourite browser application or browser. I practice these tips using the Google Chrome application.

Next, paste or paste the copy or copy of the post on the Instagram to the Url Browser and press enter and wait until the browser displays the Url posting Instagram perfectly.

When the post along with the caption appears and asked to log in, just ignore the request.

Open the Browser Application

You can focus on the caption text that you want to copy, then press a few moments until the ” copy or copy ” option appears.

You can shift the “copy” option as needed. If you are sure of the text you will copy. Please press the “Copy” option.

3. Open the Paste / Paste Application

Until this step, you have successfully copied the caption on Instagram and you can wisely use the results of the copy as you wish.

If you want to copy the caption of the post to your Instagram or another application, please open the application and paste it or paste it on the post that you want to share.

For example, you want to paste on your Instagram post, so please do the posting steps as usual.

But when you fill in the caption, please press a few moments until the “Paste or Paste” option appears and press that option.

Then you can upload the post as usual. Just a suggestion, if the caption contains elements of “copyright” you should ask permission first to those who have before resharing.

Besides resharing, you can also save the caption in another text editor application on your device.

The trick is the same by pressing for a few moments until the “Paste or Paste” option appears and press that option.

Thus information about How to Copy Captions on Instagram, hopefully, useful and good luck.

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