How to Convert PDF Files to Word for Easy Editing 2020

How to Convert PDF Files to Word for Easy Editing – Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF is a document format developed by Adobe Systems since 1993.

How to Convert PDF Files to Word for Easy Editing

PDF itself was created for the purposes of exchanging digital documents in 2 dimensions by presenting letters, text, 2D vector graphics, to images. The normal contents of this PDF will remain the same if shared with many people.

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However, this PDF itself cannot be edited in document applications such as Microsoft Word or WPS Writer because usually this PDF can only be edited in paid applications such as Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader.

To be able to edit it directly in Microsoft Word, you first need to change the PDF format to Word. By changing this format, you can edit it more comfortably and easily like a normal document.

Now many online services are available that can convert your PDF file to Word format. For this tutorial, I will use several trusted sites to convert PDF to Word.

How To Change PDF Files Into Word In Order

  1. First, you can open the browser on a PC, laptop or smartphone
  2. Next, you can visit the official SmallPDF website
  3. Then, you can upload PDF documents in the blue box, select the PDF file provided
  4. After the PDF file is uploaded on the SmallPDF site, then you can immediately press the conversion button
  5. After the conversion is successful, a file that has been converted to Word (.docx) will appear
  6. Furthermore, you can download the file to be stored on a PC, laptop or smartphone

How to Convert PDF Files to Word for Easy Editing

Besides being able to upload directly from the internal storage of a PC, laptop or smartphone, you can also upload PDF files that will be converted into Word from Google Drive or Dropbox.

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In addition to using conversion through online, you can also use applications on smartphones that can be downloaded directly on the Google Play Store. For that, you can see the tutorial as follows.

Using the Android Application

  1. First, you can download the PDF to Word conversion application for free on Google Play
  2. After the application is installed, then you can choose PDF from the smartphone
  3. After the PDF is selected and entered into the application, then you can press the conversion button
  4. After the PDF has been successfully converted to Word (.dxx), you can immediately view it on the smartphone’s internal storage

Using the Android Application

You could say these two ways can convert PDF to Word properly. But there are still many applications and online services available that can be searched on Google if you want to find other services that you think are more interesting.

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