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THE Samsung has a wide portfolio of intermediary cell phones, among them, the Galaxy A71 it’s the Galaxy M51, which stand out for having a robust technical sheet and premium features. Both phones were launched in 2020 with a quad camera, large screen and 6 GB RAM, but there are differences in battery, design and price that may justify your choice. See below which smartphone has the best cost-benefit ratio for your day to day.

Comparison: Galaxy A71 vs Galaxy M51 (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Galaxy A71 vs Galaxy M51 – Specs

Samsung Galaxy A71 Samsung Galaxy M51
Launch in Brazil February 2020 November 2020
Launch price R $ 2,799 R $ 2,899
Screen Super AMOLED Plus 6.7 inch (Full HD +) 6.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus (Full HD +)
Processor Snapdragon 730 Snapdragon 730G
RAM memory 6 GB 6 GB
Storage 128 GB (expandable via microSD up to 512 GB) 128 GB (expandable via microSD up to 512 GB)
Operational system Android 10 Android 10
Back camera
  • 64 MP (f / 1.8)
  • 12 MP (f / 2.2) ultrawide
  • 5 MP (f / 2.4) macro
  • 5 MP (f / 2.2) depth
  • 64 MP (f / 1.8)
  • 12 MP (f / 2.2) ultrawide
  • 5 MP (f / 2.4) macro
  • 5 MP (f / 2.4) depth
Frontal camera 32 MP (f / 2.2) 32 MP (f / 2.2)
Video 4K @ 30 fps 4K @ 30 fps
Drums 4,500 mAh 7,000 mAh
Dimensions (mm) 163.6 x 76 x 7.7 mm 163.9 x 76.3 x 9.5 mm
Weight 179 grams 213 grams
Colors Blue, black and gray black and white

Screen and design: keeping an eye on the details

In terms of look and screen, the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy M51 are quite similar. Both have a Super AMOLED Plus panel of 6.7 inches, with Full HD + resolution, a hole in the display to house the front and rear camera in plastic.

In the A71, there is also a geometric pattern that reflects in the light, giving a different and beautiful touch to the finish. On the other hand, the M51 is more sober, with solid colors.

Galaxy A71 (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Another difference between the models is related to the fingerprint reader. While on the Galaxy A71 the sensor is optical and is under the screen, the M51’s is positioned on the side of the phone.

In addition, the Galaxy M51 is heavier at 213 grams. This is due to the battery, which is bigger – but we’ll talk more about that later.

Samsung Galaxy M51 (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Cameras: basically the same set

Both phones have a quad-rear camera, with a 64-megapixel main sensor. In both cases, it is possible to take excellent photos, both during the day and at night. In the practical tests of the Tecnoblog, the night mode received praise for delivering cool results on both the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy M51, while maintaining controlled noise and a good level of detail.

The 12-megapixel ultrawide camera also does a good job on both devices, with no major color differences for the main lens (as is common with cheaper smartphones). Night mode also works well here. The macro lens fulfills its role by delivering photos good enough to post on social networks, even though the sensor is only 5 MP.

Finally, there is also a depth sensor, which helps to blur the portrait mode. The lens aperture, however, changes from f / 2.2 on the Galaxy A71 to a more closed one, from f / 2.4 on the M51.

Moving on to selfies, we have the same 32-megapixel sensor, which delivers excellent self-portraits, although it ends up weighing a bit in contrast. The feature, however, tends to make photos more attractive. The portrait mode is quite efficient, considering that there is only one front lens.

Performance and battery: Galaxy M51 takes the lead

If you are looking for a smartphone with high firepower, you will find a good option in either of the two models of this comparison. On the Galaxy A71, we have the Snapdragon 730 processor, an octa-core of up to 2.2 GHz, which works in conjunction with 6 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy M51 has the same amount of RAM and brings the Snapdragon 730G chip, which is the gamer variant of Qualcomm’s processor and, in theory, gives some extra breath to the players on duty, especially in more demanding titles or in multiplayer games , as they can reduce Wi-Fi latency.

For the average user, we have basically the same performance on both models. In addition, the storage is also the same: 128 GB, with the possibility of expansion via microSD of up to 512 GB.

On the battery, it is the Galaxy M51 that goes further. The smartphone has a capacity of 7,000 mAh, against 4,500 mAh of the A71. If the latter had already pleased us a lot in our tests, showing autonomy for a whole day of work with rest, the M51 arrived to surprise even more, resisting three days away from the shots. Both come with a 25-watt charger in the box.

Price and cost-benefit: which model to buy?

Launched a long time ago, the Galaxy A71 has already suffered a greater reduction in retail price and is found by offers in the range of R $ 1,799 *. The Galaxy M51 still costs around R $ 2,199 *, which ends up leaving the cost-benefit advantage for the older model. If you are a regular user, the A71 offers everything and more for less, so it should be the most suitable option at the moment.

But if the battery is really something significant for you, and three days away from the plug is worth the R $ 400 (on average) more, your option is certainly the Galaxy M51, sold only in online stores.

* Prices collected on 11/03/2021.

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