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What is the best 2020 mobile plan without commitment? In this area, offers have been regular for a few years and to find the one that could best suit your needs, use our comparison of the best mobile plans for the month of July.

The quantity of mobile plans offered by operators has enough to make you lose your Latin? First and foremost, you must identify your needs and know what to expect when choosing a particular solution. In addition, operators regularly set up promotional offers that allow you to take advantage of a mobile plan at a ridiculous price. Then how better choose the best quality / price ratio according to your criteria ?

Compare best mobile plan July 2020

📡How to choose the right mobile operator: Bouygues, Free, Orange, SFR or MVNO?

In France, four mobile operators have their own network of branches: Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free Mobile. They don’t have the same number of sites, in the same locations, so these carriers’ coverage and performance can be good with one and catastrophic with another, depending on your location. ANFR’s 2G / 3G / 4G Observatory lets map support know which operator has the best coverage near you.

The four operators have physical stores and dedicated customer service, two aspects that are quite practical in the event of a problem. Besides the four national operators, there are a number of virtual operators (MVNOs). These rely on one of the four national networks for their coverage and some even allow switching from one to the other in some places.

NRJ Mobile or La Poste Mobile, for example, thus offer plans at discounted prices on quality networks. But beware: in most cases they do not have a permanent store, and their customer service is not necessarily as good as that of national operators. Finally, there is also an intermediary, that of MVNOs directly from national operators. These, Sosh, B & YOU and RED are there to attract those who often change plans with quality offers without commitment.

🤔Think about the needs (calls, SMS, MMS, internet) that you really need

Several aspects should guide the choice of a mobile plan, starting with the budget, who will use the plan (you, your children, or you as the second line), and who is your fixed internet provider. On the budget side, the general cost of packages has fallen a lot in recent years. So much so that unlimited voice / SMS and MMS calls have practically become the norm and that we find such packages with a comfortable data envelope in the 10-20 euro bracket per month.

Packages that do not have unlimited calls can be also interesting: operators’ war requires, their price can be particularly low, like for example the Free Mobile package at 2 € per month which includes 2 hours of calls, Unlimited SMS / MMS and 50 MB of internet. This plan can cost nothing at all per month, as long as you are a Freebox subscriber. Of course, it’s not necessarily suitable for a main line, unless you use your smartphone very little – the 50MB of data, in particular, is gone very quickly.

In this type of small package, particularly suitable, for example, for children, you also have to ask yourself from the start whether you want a blocked package or not: this can help avoid extra packages, often at a high price. There are sometimes, as with Orange, options to make calling certain numbers unlimited. If you travel a lot, take a good look at the conditions of your contract abroad: is there a sufficient data envelope? Does the operator charge an extra package?

In addition, all operators offer quadruple play offers including fixed internet access and mobile plan. Check with your current operator and compare the total amount of monthly payments with other solutions. Finally, for lines used very occasionally (for example for friends visiting from abroad), there is the prepaid card solution.

How many GB of internet do you need?

One of the questions that comes up often is what are megabytes and gigabytes of data in terms of usage:

  • Between 50 and 100 MB : enough to check your emails occasionally, or watch a handful of YouTube videos on your smartphone… per month. Most will find this thin data envelope too frustrating on a smartphone.
  • Between 1 and 10 GB : sufficient to use your smartphone and its services normally without worrying about burning out your plan in one day – if you use your smartphone daily, the 1-3 GB slice may be a bit tight in use
  • + 10 GB : we are entering more intensive uses such as Internet connection sharing and downloading Netflix series for example – more generally anything that consumes bandwidth (videos, applications, streaming, etc.).

“Do you have to change your mobile plan often without obligation?

Previously the norm was plans with a 12 or 24 month commitment. Today, all operators offer packages at a reasonable price without obligation. Let us say it bluntly: whenever possible, we should favor non-binding offers. When you are hired and for one reason or another you want to change operator, in most cases you have to pay the remaining monthly payments. Commitment also means running the risk of being forced to pay too much for an overpriced plan for a long time, when the mobile plan market is very competitive, to the delight of consumers.

Some, like Free, practice private sales during which unlimited plans are sold off at a minimum price, sometimes at only 0.99 € per month for a year. A ridiculous price, which you will probably never be able to take advantage of if you have a commitment. Today, you can easily transport your phone number from operator to operator, so changing operators often is common practice.

📞How to properly prepare the transfer from one mobile operator to another?

If you are already with an operator and are about to change, pay attention to several points:

  • Mostly do not immediately cancel your old subscription if you want to keep your number
  • How many months of commitment do you have left? ? The Chatel law allows you to pay only 25% of the remaining months from the 13 month contract (this amount can influence your decision to change operator or not)
  • Dial 3179 on your smartphone : you will receive an SMS containing the RIO number that you will need to give to your new operator to terminate your contract and request the portability of your current phone number

📱The case of subsidized smartphones: should they be avoided?

The practice tends to decline, but Orange, SFR and Bouygues all offer plans with “subsidized” smartphones, that said, Free Mobile promises by 2021 to revolutionize these types of offers. In other words, you will pay a portion of the price of your plan every month. The problem of subsidized smartphones is manifold. First of all, you should know that in general, choosing a subsidized smartphone ultimately also means choosing to pay more for it. Operators practice the subsidy as disguised credits, and in the end the difference between two years of a single plan vs. two years of a smartphone plan can sometimes greatly exceed the price of a single smartphone. Some would call it a scam …

However, unlike real loans where the issuer is required to verify the means test of clients and provide them with a whole lot of legal information on rates and their rights, operators can do the bare minimum. So much so that it is often more interesting to take out consumer credit to buy a bare smartphone, rather than to buy it via a subsidy.

In any case, buying your smartphone naked saves money, and gives you more peace of mind since the smartphone is yours. Free Mobile favors this model in which the consumer buys his smartphone before taking out a package. And offers alternatives in its store, like rental offers that allow you to swap out your smartphone every year, or installment payments – in the latter case, at least, you’ll get your smartphone at cost.

To help you better choose your next plan, we suggest you use our new tool at the top of this page. Are you used to plan changes? Are you going to take the plunge soon? Share your experience in the comments!

👌Have the best mobile plan in July 2020 thanks to offers from telecom operators

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