Community Let’s rebuild Zagreb: We’ve had enough of the city center fair

The INTERDISCIPLINARY community of experts and scientists “Let’s Renew Zagreb” sent an open letter to the Zagreb Tourist Board on Saturday and said that the citizens are tired of “fairizing” the center, which, after the earthquake and pandemic, needs rehabilitation and peace.

“The citizens of downtown Zagreb, with the traumatic stress caused by the pandemic and earthquake, are tired of ‘vasarization’ of both Zrinjevac and the city center,” said Martini Bienenfeld, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, from an interdisciplinary community of experts and scientists. “Let’s rebuild Zagreb”.

In the center of Zagreb, it is abnormally normal

In the letter, they also warned that the already well-established practice was being resumed in the center of Zagreb and assessed that after the earthquake and pandemic it was “normalized ‘abnormally” and appealed to the Tourist Board to reduce the situation to appropriate limits.

“One of the most beautiful parks in Europe, popularly called Zrinjevac, has been used for years by the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Zagreb City Administration as a training ground for various programs and events. It is used to stage fake beaches and quasi-pastoral care, “The culmination is during the Advent event in Zagreb, which in its latest edition was largely marked by a scandal of suspicious sublease of locations, with astronomical profits, which ended up in private pockets instead of in the city treasury,” the letter reads.

This, they say, is a good match here, given that this money could and should now be available to citizens in need after the earthquake, but – it is not.

“Unfortunately,” they added, “the other seasons do not protect Zrinjevac from excessive commodification, so we rarely see it in the original edition, which makes it a unique park.”

“Now the earthquake has left a painful mark of destruction on both heritage and people – the historicist buildings that make up the specific ambience of the center and in whose environment beer and sausage banality gain added value have been destroyed, and part of the population is scattered in temporary locations. see a systematic start, ”they warned.

In addition, according to the results of the research, every fifth citizen of Zagreb suffered traumatic stress caused by a pandemic and earthquake, and when it comes to the residents of the center, then it is no longer every fifth – but literally every resident, they added.

“Despite such a physical and mental breakdown of fellow citizens, the Zagreb Tourist Board then ‘normalizes’ abnormally, continuing with the already well-established practice of ‘fairing’ both Zrinjevac and the city center. Plus concerts from Gornji grad whose noise spreads from all sides until midnight “It eats away at the already thin nerves of the people of the Lower Town. Extremely recklessly, especially in post-earthquake conditions and when we know that there are a number of locations outside the center where you can spend and have fun until the wee hours,” they said in the letter.

The center needs healing and respect, not rubbing salt on the wound

“The center, which is still being destroyed by every new earthquake, needs peace. The center is afraid of the tram passing, it twitches at every and the slightest shaking of the ground. The newly replaced windows are broken and ornaments are separated from the buildings. , not rubbing salt on the wound, “they stressed.

The “Let’s Renew Zagreb” community also mentioned that they support the sustainable use of city resources.

“Moreover, they will encourage it,” they say, “by their own proposals, but – the public interest will not be subordinated to particular profits to the detriment of citizens and the city budget.”

In the letter signed for “Let’s Renew Zagreb” by dr. sc. Marina Pavković also states that they expect that the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb will “see the problem and further actions in an appropriate framework”.

With the knowledge and skills of its members, the “Let’s Rebuild Zagreb” community wants to contribute to the post-earthquake reconstruction of Zagreb and easier overcoming of the difficulties in which the people of Zagreb affected by the earthquake found themselves.

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