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Call of Duty: Vanguard is the next title in the Activision shooter franchise that returns to the past and brings WWII as the backdrop for the campaign. With gameplay in a new tactical style, the game changes the more individual view of the series and encourages teamwork, as well as well thought-out strategies. O Techblog tested a preview of the title’s multiplayer modes, and our first impressions you can see below.

Patrol Mode is insane and encourages teamwork

Right off the bat, the multiplayer of CoD: Vanguard shows the main changes that come with tactical gameplay. Combat is slower and characters are heavy moving compared to previous games, largely because of old WWII weaponry. Each charge needs to be calculated as there is less room for error.

During the multiplayer preview, the classic Team Kill, Domination, Confirmed Low, and the all-new Patrol modes were released. The first three are already known by fans of the series and are in all previous releases, but Patrol arrives to force players to work as a team.

Patrol Mode in Gavutu (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

Because I didn’t do well with the quick reflexes to be among the top finishers in traditional modes, I found Patrol an amazing addition to the multiplayer of CoD. During the game, a small circular area is constantly moving across the map, and one of the two teams must remain inside it to earn points.

The objective in Patrol is not to accumulate kills, but to stay in the circle as long as possible. This mode reminded me a lot of Escort, of overwatch, in which teams must stay close to a vehicle to transport it to the end of the path. The difference is that, in CoD: Vanguard, the goal does not stop, making the game more dynamic.

In Patrol, the successful strategy was to study the maps and anticipate the area’s path to catch unsuspecting enemies from behind. It’s important to note that it’s very difficult to win a match individually, so it’s worth abusing communication to combine tactics with teammates.

The maps of CoD: Vanguard also deserve mention. In the preview, I was able to test four locations: Gavutu, Red Star, Hotel Royale and Eagle’s Nest. At the launch of the final version, Activision promises to put 20 arenas in all that will cover all fronts of war presented during the campaign.

The island of Gavutu has paradisiacal landscapes full of beaches and a forested region with bushes to hide. There is also a more enclosed fort that can serve as an ambush point for enemies and a harbor with a giant destroyed ship. Among the maps of the preview, Gavutu was the one with the most relief in the terrain.

Red Star takes players to the frozen lands of the Soviet Union. The map has an open central square with some canopies and several buildings around it that can serve as hideouts or ambush points. In this arena, whoever masters ranged weapons will do a lot.

Hotel Royale is destroyed during the game (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

Hotel Royale was my favorite map from the preview. In addition to enjoying the construction of the building, with closed environments that facilitate the use of shotguns, I was blown away by the destruction effects of CoD: Vanguard. As the game progresses, weapons and grenades change not only the look of the arena, but also the possible strategies that can be used.

The same goes for Eagle’s Nest. With rooms full of windows and passages blocked by wooden boards, the map starts one way and ends the game in a completely different way. The paths opened by weapons destruction allow players to innovate in real-time combat.

Weapons balancing left something to be desired

As it’s not all flowers, the preview of CoD: Vanguard disappointed in the item balancing of weapons. As a shotgun player, I soon wanted to test my favorite weapon. However, I was disappointed to realize that, in addition to being too slow, the shotguns were not causing as much damage as they should have, even at short distances.

In voice chat with other journalists who participated in the tests, they recommended me to test the submachine guns, especially Sten. The tip was right, as the weapon was effective both up close and far, especially after unlocking accessories that improved accuracy and ammo capacity.

Shotgun was not calibrated in CoD preview: Vanguard (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

It’s possible that shotguns get better when they level up, but you can’t prove it in a two-hour preview. In the end, I ended up clinging to the submachine gun and had much better results with it.

I also couldn’t feel a difference in combat using the unique advantages of each operator in the preview. However this is another point that should be analyzed in more matches during the open beta period of CoD: Vanguard.

CoD: Vanguard can be one of the best in the franchise

Call of Duty: Vanguard has everything to be a turning point for the franchise. With renewed breath by tactical gameplay, multiplayer is intense for more experienced players, but it is also an excellent starting point for beginners who are not used to the shooter.

Well-constructed maps allow for different strategies, and new structure destruction technology means players have to adapt in real time. If the balancing issues are fixed in the final version, it will be possible to have hours of fun in multiplayer.

Destruction in CoD: Vanguard opens new paths on maps (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

open beta of CoD: Vanguard starts in september

It is worth mentioning that all players will be able to test the contents of the shooter’s beta version in September. Each platform will be able to access the game at different times, and there will be a phase for those who pre-purchase CoD: Vanguard, just like an open one. Beta dates are as follows:

  • September 10th to 13th: closed beta for PlayStation users who pre-ordered the game;
  • September 16th to 17th: open beta for PlayStation users and closed beta for Xbox and PC gamers who pre-order the game;
  • September 18th to 20th: open beta for all users on any platform.

Scheduled for release on November 5th, Call of Duty: Vanguard will arrive for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC ( Here in Brazil, the game will only be available in a digital version and cannot be found in physical stores.

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