Cobra Kai: See the before and after of the cast of Karate Kid

the franchise Kid Kid started in the 80s and has films that marked the lives of many people at the time. And this universe is still alive today in one of the most famous series on Netflix, Cobra Kai.

The show is one of the most talked about series on the platform and continues to tell the story of the dojos and the All-Valley Tournament, in addition to having the participation of great names in the cast of the films, such as Ralph Maccio himself as Daniel LaRusso.

So, check out the before and after of the cast of Kid Kid!

Ralph Maccio as Daniel LaRusso

(Source: Columbia/Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Columbia/Netflix

Maccio started the role as young LaRusso, who begins training in martial arts to defend himself from school bullies. Among his recent roles, in addition to reprising the character in the Netflix series, he also made a cameo in How I Met Your Mother playing himself.

William Zabka como Johnny Lawrence

(Source: Columbia/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Columbia/Netflix

Zabka gave life to the main member of the dojo Cobra Kai in the original franchise and, in the present day, also returns to the role on the streaming platform. However, the actor continued to make big hits and was nominated for an Oscar for directing the film. Most, in addition to appearing in How I Met Your Mother.

9. Martin Kove as John Kreese

(Source: Columbia/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Columbia/Netflix

Actor Martin Kove played the great dojo sensei John Kreese and went on with his successful career. Thus, in addition to reprising the role nowadays, he also guaranteed his presence in other productions, such as Black sheep e Middle Men.

Randee Heller como Lucille LaRusso

(Source: Sony/Getty Images/Reproduction)(Source: Sony/Getty Images/Reproduction)Source: Sony / Getty

The star who gave life to Daniel LaRusso’s mother in the franchise on the big screen has returned to the role on the streaming platform and, in addition, has had great success in works such as The Mentalist e Desperate Housewives.

Xolo Mariduena as Miguel Diaz

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  NBC

Xolo gave life to the great character Miguel Diaz in the current series and, in addition to this outstanding role, he also did other works, such as Parenthood, Twin Peaks e Victor & Valentino. Cleopatra in Space is his most recent project not counting the current series.

Courtney Henggeler como Amanda LaRusso

(Source: CBS/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: CBS/Netflix/Disclosure)Cast iron: CBS

In addition to her great role in streaming as the character Amanda LaRusso, Courtney Henggeler has secured a presence in other films and series such as The Big Bang Theory, My Sister Rocks and Mom.

Tanner Buchanan como Robby Keene

(Source: Freeform/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Freeform/Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Freeform

Johnny Lawrence’s son Robby Keene is played by star Tanner Buchanan on the streaming platform. However, the actor had already been successful in other productions such as Designated Survivor, Girl Meets World and The Fosters, marking its presence in the world of series.

Jacob Bertrand como Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz

(Source: Disney/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Disney/Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Disney

The iconic Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, the dojo fighter Cobra Kai who wears a very stylish mohawk, was played by star Jacob Bertrand, who had already played major roles in films such as Rise of the Guardians, Player Number 1 and in the series Kirby Buckets.

Nicole Brown como Aisha Robinson

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

A student at the dojo that gives the series its name, Aisha Robinson is somewhat shy, but maintains her presence on the show, being played by Nicole Brown. The actress had not participated in any other production before and debuted with everything in the Netflix series.

Mary Mouser como Samantha LaRusso

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

In addition to playing Daniel LaRusso’s daughter Samantha, Mary Mouser has also starred in roles in productions such as NCIS e The Fosters, already having experience within the world of TV shows.

Gianni Decenzo as Demitri

(Source: Nickelodeon/Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Nickelodeon/Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Nickelodeon

Finally, Gianni Decenzo brings young Demitri to life in Cobra Kai, but he had already been successful with his role in 100 Things To Do Before High School, in addition to the recent role in Coop & Cami Ask the World.

Who do you think had the biggest transformation among Kid Kid e Cobra Kai?

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