Cobra Kai: see amazing items for Netflix series fans

The 3rd season of Cobra Kai on Netflix it will only be released in 2021, but fans of the production can already say that they are well served in terms of licensed products to purchase, right?

There are several online stores that offer t-shirts, bottons, mugs, posters and other things that those who like the characters of the series cannot fail to have.

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The series Cobra Kai was inspired directly by one of the most famous films of the 1980s: Karate Kid. This feature marked the childhood of many people due to its charismatic characters, interesting conflicts and very well elaborated dynamics.

The production, initially launched on Youtube Premium and now part of the Netflix catalog, takes place 34 years after the original film.

Check out some consumables for fans of the Netflix series!

Women’s Cobra Kai Shirts

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In various versions, for all tastes, in black or white. Look here!

Cobra Kai Shirts male

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There are different colors and styles of t-shirts, but all reminiscent of the Netflix series.

Cobra Kai T-shirts assorted prints

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Recalling several remarkable moments of the film Karate Kid and the series Cobra Kai, from Netflix, these shirts are for fans who also want to wear the motto of the Cobra Kai dojo: Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy! (“Hit first, hit hard, there is no mercy!”

Mr. Miyagi Shirts

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One of the most striking characters in the universe of Cobra Kai is Mr. Miyagi. These shirts can be purchased in different colors and versions, according to your taste.

Cobra Kai nostalgia t-shirt

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The print on this shirt refers to the classic games of the past, placing the main characters of Cobra Kai as a highlight.

Cobra Kai sweatshirt

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When winter returns, this sweatshirt will be an essential item for any fan of the series Cobra Kai, from Netflix. With the dojo motto in print, nothing could be better.

Cobra Kai sweatpants

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The same tip also applies to custom sweatpants in the series.

Karate Uniform

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For those who practice karate or plan to do it someday, a special suit from Mr. Miyagi’s dojo can be the perfect uniform for training.

Johnny Lawrence Jacket

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The classic Johnny Lawrence jacket (played by William Zabka) is also one of the must-see items for fans of Cobra Kai.

Baby clothes

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Imagine a baby who, since he was a little boy, already has a taste for karate. This is the proposal of these very cute clothes inspired by the Cobra Kai and Mr. Miyagi dojos.

Fantasy Snake Kai

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To celebrate the series Cobra Kai in an authentic way, nothing better than incorporating the characters in the best way. Thinking about it, this fantasy can help.

Cobra Kai Pet Clothing

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That’s right! Canine fans of Cobra Kai they will also be able to stay in the best style with this exclusive outfit made for them.

Cobra Kai Personalized Mug

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Have a tea or coffee in a personalized mug from the series Cobra Kai it seems to be an excellent choice.

Cobra Kai Socks

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Remembering the best moments of the series’ episodes, even when it comes time to put on a stocking with personalized prints, can be a very fun experience.

Cobra Kai Hats

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The Netflix series can be remembered in all possible accessories, including caps, in different colors, with the print of the Cobra Kai dojo.

Funko Pop Johnny Lawrence

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A collectible item that proves to be an excellent option to remember the series whenever possible is Johnny Lawrence’s Funko Pop.

Snake Kai Painting

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Or to go further: how about a picture with a drawing of the characters of Cobra Kai in your best poses? Putting this as a decorative item can make your favorite environment even better.

Cobra Kai Bottons

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A simple item, but one that can make all the difference in your backpack or bag. Best of all, there are several botton options for all tastes.

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