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THE Lattes Platform and other systems of the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) are back: after more than a week of “blackout”, the research funding agency resumed its tools operation this Tuesday (2) at night. However, there are some restrictions: access is only allowed through specific addresses, and it is not possible to update resumes. The institution guaranteed the “integrity of all information” after completing the data recovery, but notes that access will be gradually reestablished.

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

How to access CNPq after being down?

For a while, it is only possible to enter the CNPq through these two paths.:

In both cases, the options for print and download. Users cannot update resumes right now.

Furthermore, access is not possible via the address, by the above means only: in our tests, this URL led to the error message “This page is not working” with the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS warning.

On Twitter, CNPq warns that the database has updates made until 6pm on July 23, when the blackout started. “The work of restoration of accesses is still in progress, including new updates to the database, which will be made in the coming days, including, in the résumés, the photos and the number of citations”, explains the agency.

CNPq also predicts “some slowdown” in access due to the high number of people who will try to enter the site. In case of doubts or difficulties, it is better to use contact channels by phone (61 3211 4000) or e-mail ([email protected]).

Search in Lattes (Image: Reproduction / CNPq)

Search in Lattes (Image: Reproduction / CNPq)

CNPq systems were down; understand the case

The return took place more than a week after the beginning of the “CNPq blackout”. On July 24, the agency said it had detected an outage in its systems. But the reason for the problem was only revealed last Wednesday (28), when the president of the institution, Evaldo Vilela, informed that a technical failure caused the fall.

The forecast of reestablishment of accesses was only given on Thursday (29). The agency announced that the systems were expected to be back up and running on “Monday morning”. The following day, the director of management and information technology at CNPq, Thales Marçal, stated that the institution was carrying out tests on the services.

“I inform you that we are successfully working in the verification phase of all these applications,” Marçal said in a video posted on YouTube on Friday (30). “Next, we will carry out, over the weekend, several return tests to ensure stable and safe access to the services provided by CNPq.”

CNPq (Image: Andréia Bohner / Flickr)

CNPq (Image: Andréia Bohner / Flickr)

The drop in the institution’s services was first reported on July 24th. That day, through its Twitter profile, the agency communicated the unavailability and apologized for what happened. “We inform you that any deadlines for CNPq calls that may be affected by the problem will be reassessed,” they said.

The second statement appeared on the 26th. The CNPq said it was following a “joint effort” with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to re-establish the systems. Then, on Tuesday (27), the agency announced that it had diagnosed the problem and announced the start of procedures to carry out the repair.

The institution’s president gave further explanations about the problem on Wednesday (28). According to Vilela, a failure in a part that manages the server’s storage caused the incident. Along with the minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, he also stated that the data was being recovered.

Collaborated: Felipe Ventura

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