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O CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) restored other accesses to the Lattes Platform. This Saturday (7), the research funding agency made available the options to update and create new résumés. The system extraction tool was also up and running over the weekend.

Lattes Platform website this Monday morning (9) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

System replacement takes place a few days after the partial return of the platform. On Tuesday (2), the institution released access to Lattes resumes through direct addresses or through the search tool. But the login option to update and register them and the portal that leads to the system were still unavailable.

The return of almost all the tools from Plataforma Lattes took place this Saturday (7). At the time, the CNPq informed that the reinstatement “includes the possibility of updating the résumés and registering new users”. In addition, the platform added in the statement that restored the Lattes extraction service:

“As reported this Saturday morning, the Lattes extraction service was also restored, which allows more than 300 teaching and research institutions to extract the curricula of their researchers, teachers and students”.

I performed some tests on the platform this Sunday (8). Last night I managed to login and update my resume normally. But not all CNPq systems were available at that time. This is the case of the Directory of Research Groups, which still returns a connection error when accessed this Monday (9).

Directory of Research Groups, from the Lattes Platform, this Monday (9) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Directory of Research Groups, from the Lattes Platform, this Monday (9) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

CNPq promised to pay scholarships on the 5th business day

The “CNPq blackout” also resulted in concerns about the payment of scholarships. But the CNPq announced, this Thursday (5), that it had completed the process of payment to the scholarship holders. “The value of the scholarships will be credited within the traditionally established period: the fifth working day of each month”, they stated.

The report was given before the president of CNPq, Evaldo Vilela, gave further explanations on the case. The next day, he claimed that the institution was “working day and night to restore” the systems. Vilela also pointed out that the agency had acquired new equipment and that migration was underway.

“But the old storage presented the problem. He ‘erased’, in a way, and was recovered, but he’s slow,” he said. “We have to be very careful because we preserve all the data and we have to remove this data with some caution. We cannot rush the equipment. And we are getting it”.

The president also stated that the research funding agency will carry out actions to strengthen its systems, in order to prevent new incidents. “For this, we have already reserved resources”, he explained. “There are even some universities that are already preparing to help us, too, with their IT, so that everything is reformed”.

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

“CNPq blackout”: understand the case

The “CNPq blackout” began on July 23, but the unavailability was only communicated the following day. Then, on the 26th, the agency said that it was following a “joint effort” with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to reestablish the systems. They also stated that the priority, at the time, was to restore access to résumés on the Lattes Platform “as soon as possible”.

The diagnosis was only made public on the 27th. The agency announced that it had started the procedures for repairing its systems and that the payment of scholarships would not be affected. Then, on the 28th, the president of CNPq explained that the incident was caused by an equipment failure and that data was being recovered.

The first recovery forecast was given on the 29th. “The perspective is for the return to operation on Monday [2 de agosto] in the morning, with the reestablishment of access to the CNPq systems”, they informed. But the return was postponed at the deadline, on Monday afternoon of last week (2).

The resumption of Lattes only happened on Tuesday (3) at night. The agency allowed access to resumes only through the search engine or direct address, and ensured that the database had updates made until 6 pm on July 23, when the blackout began. But the system’s website was still unavailable that day.

Then, CNPq resumed some functions of Lattes, such as the options to update and register new résumés. This Monday (9), the agency also re-established its e-mail service. “Contacts with the CNPq can be made through the institutional addresses that are already known”, they announced. “Thus, contact with the Call Center can be resumed through the address [email protected]”.

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