CNPq postpones the restoration of systems and gives no new deadline | Brazil

O CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) postponed the restoration of the Lattes Platform, Carlos Chagas and other systems. This Monday (2), the research funding agency said that the complete verification of the equipment that presented the problem is still in progress. The forecast given last week was that the services would return to work this morning.

CNPq (Image: Andréia Bohner / Flickr)

The note was published by the agency on Twitter. CNPq announced that its team is still carrying out a full check on “the equipment that had problems” in conjunction with the manufacturer. “This verification involves a series of tests, which were carried out throughout the weekend, with occasional instabilities that are being adjusted to restore full storage capacity,” they said.

The agency also informed that it did not identify any data loss, but did not give a new deadline for the return of the applications:

“To guarantee the safety, stability and proper functioning of the equipment, we chose to extend the tests until it was possible to offer this safe scenario for the availability of the systems”.

On Thursday (29), the CNPq informed that there was a prospect of “returning to operation on Monday morning, with the restoration of access to the systems”. But Plataforma Lattes and other services are still down.

Users complain about delays in returning systems

The postponement resulted in criticism on social networks this Monday (2). In reaction to the statement, Twitter users questioned and criticized the absence of a new forecast for the restoration of CNPq’s systems. “We are still without Lattes and now there is no deadline”, commented one person. “The first deadline was not met”.

“At the end of the systems reset deadline published in the previous note, a new note informs you that the problem has not been resolved and does not indicate a new deadline,” complained a Twitter user. “And wasn’t Lattes coming back today?” asked someone else.

Users are directed to notice of unavailability when accessing Lattes Platform (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Users are directed to notice of unavailability when accessing Lattes Platform (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

CNPq systems are offline since July 24

The “CNPq blackout” has lasted more than a week. On July 24, the research funding agency announced that it had identified an outage in its systems, including the Lattes Platform. The council, however, did not provide a reason or provide a forecast of re-establishing its services.

The second statement took place on the 26th. In a statement, the institution stated that it was working alongside the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to resolve the unavailability. The next day, the agency also informed that it had carried out the diagnosis and that it would begin repairs. But it also did not predict a return.

On Wednesday (28), the president of CNPq, Evaldo Vilela, informed that the problem was caused by a technical failure in the server. Vilela also stressed, along with the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, that the data was being recovered. “With regard to Lattes, it’s already recovered,” he said. “We have backup”.

The first estimate of systems restoration did not come until Thursday (29). The agency announced that there was a prospect of a return on Monday morning (2). But the resumption of services was delayed in a new note published this afternoon.

“We also reinforce that the payments of the scholarship holders are guaranteed, not depending on the restoration of the systems”, they highlighted this Monday afternoon (2). “Once again, we remind you that the CNPq deadlines will be extended. The new calendars will be released as soon as we re-establish access”.

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