Click Jogos: remember the most nostalgic games on the site

The year is 2007. You wake up, watch some cartoons and are already looking forward to spending hours playing various titles on the Click Games website. If you are between 20 and 30 years old, this “ritual” was probably part of your childhood or adolescence. This is because, since it was created in 2004, Click Jogos is one of the largest portals of its kind in Brazil.

In the last week, we have already unraveled the mystery about the future of the site. With the good news, we decided to remember the most nostalgic and played games in history. However, before continuing, the TecMundo warns: in the next paragraphs you can have high doses of homesickness. Thinking about it, we leave some suggestions of games similar to the titles that are no longer in the collection of the site. Check out:

Super Mario Flash 2.0

The most famous plumber in the world was part of many childhoods throughout Brazil. At Click Games, Super Mario Flash 2.0 was the most played title in history!

Similar game: Super Mario Adventures



Pool games were very popular on the site. The game has been updated to the HTML5 version and to remember the good times, just access the link.


Flash Sonic

The Sonic hedgehog game made the afternoons of a lot of people out there. How about remembering the game?

Similar game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Reproduction Playback / AinfoGames

Apple Shooter

Who has never accidentally shot his friend in the Apple Shotter to throw the first stone.

Apple Shotterreproduction

Bubble Shooter

In the classic – and addictive – Bubble Shotter, the player needed to aim and launch the ball according to the color. (Author’s tip: do not play during business hours, 15 minutes become 2h).

Bubble Shooterreproduction

Fireboy & Watergirl 4 in The Crystal Temple

The games with the characters Fireboy and Watergirl were – and still are! – a success at Click Jogos. To play, it was possible to command the two characters or call a friend to share the keyboard.

click games reproduction

The hardest game of the world

Probably the most difficult classic game in the world has been a reason for therapy for many people. The name explains.

click gamesBreeding / BatsSwimmers

Age of Speed ​​2

Racing games have always been a favorite of the Click Jogos audience and the most played title on the site was Age of Speed ​​2.

Similar game: Blaze Racing

Click Games reproduction

Ben 10 – Omniverse Collection

In addition to the drawings, Ben 10 was also successful in the world of games.

Similar game: Ben 10 Omnirush

click gamesreproduction

Street Fighter 2 – Champion Edition

Street Fighter 2 is one of the greatest fighting classics and was part of many childhoods. How about remembering the game? Access the link.

Click games Reproduction / GfyCat

Did you say honorable mention?

To complete the most missed list ever, we asked NZN employees, the group that owns the verticals TecMundo, ClickJogos and Baixaki, which are the most nostalgic games for them. Take a look:

Dress up and make up games

Who has never felt like a hairdresser or renowned stylist when playing the famous dress up games, right? Games to change clothes, make up or cut the character’s hair were successful on the site.

click gamesreproduction


Another common day at the office of a small business. Or not. In Causality, the player needed to click on objects to kill the sticks without anyone seeing them. The perfect combination of macabre, fun and strategy.

click gamesreproduction

Line Rider

In Line Rider, you had to create your own sled track. Years after its release, the game became even more famous by being synchronized with the classic song “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Check the result:

Bartender The Celeb Mix

Another title recommended by the collaborators was Bartender The Celeb Mix. In it, you need to mix drinks and prepare drinks for customers.

click gamesreproduction

Happy Wheels

Another game a little … bloody. In Happy Wheels it was necessary to go through the stages avoiding the obstacles and fight for your life. If only with one leg or an arm.

click games Reproduction / SuperAmiches

And you, what was your favorite Click Games? Tell us in the comments!

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