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Operators promote broadband on Black Friday 2021 (Image: Guilherme Reis / Tecnoblog)

November is always the best time of year to hire telecommunications services. Operators usually do promotions on Black Friday, and in 2021 companies give discounts, increase in internet speed or bonuses in combination with other services. O Techblog brought together the offers of the main national operators, with plans from the Of course, Hi, TIM e Vivo.

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TB's findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB’s findings: real curatorship of offers, no tail stuck (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

⚠️ Old customer can hire Black Friday offers!

Black Friday’s telecommunications promotions need to be valid for any type of customer, whether it is a current user, one who carries out portability or acquires a new contract. This is what determines an Anatel resolution:

All offers, including those of a promotional nature, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including the Provider’s Consumers, without distinction based on the date of adhesion or any other form of discrimination within the geographic area of ​​the offer.
Article 46 of Anatel Resolution 632/2014

Before changing the plan it is important to observe all conditions. For example, if your current contract includes any existing loyalty period, you may be required to pay early termination penalty in order to join the new offer.

If the operator still refuses to comply with the offer, find out how to complain at Anatel or at

🏙 Do you use a regional operator? Check if she participates in Black Friday

Brazil has thousands of regional broadband operators, and it is impossible to gather the offer of all of them in one place. Therefore, this article focuses on the promotions of national operators.

If you’re a customer of a small operator, it’s worth checking if they’ll also get some action during Black Friday; some companies only release the offer on the same Friday or do not even publish on the website and social networks. If the promotion is exclusive to new customers, mention the Anatel resolution mentioned in the previous section of this article to the service.

The chances of there being good offers are even greater if there is competition with more than one company serving the same region.

I am a customer of one of these companies, and on Black Friday last year I got an excellent promotion that reduced my monthly fee and increased access speed.

🟢 Black Friday da Oi Fibra

Oi Fibra has a promotion on Black Friday 2021: whoever hires 200 Mb/s broadband will take 400 Mb/s internet over a period of one year. The price is R$99.90 per month in automatic debit payments or R$119.90 in conventional bank transfers, and the service includes a telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines or cell phones from any operator.

Huawei modem used by Oi Fibra.  Photo: Lucas Braga/Technoblog
Oi Fiber Router manufactured by Huawei. (Image: Lucas Braga/Technoblog)

It is important to note the details: the promotion is available for hire only on the Oi website until December 8, 2021. After one year, the speed returns to 200 Mb/s and there is an increase of R$20 in the monthly fee.

In some locations (especially in regions served by Brisanet) the speed is 500 Mb/s in the R$ 99.90 plan. The 1Gb/s plan received no discounts or upgrades during Black Friday.

🟣 Vivo Fibra’s Black Friday

Vivo did not make large broadband offers during Black Friday of 2021. The operator’s only promotion is for 300 Mb/s broadband with a Netflix subscription (in the Standard plan) and HBO (in the Multitelas plan) for R$ 149.99 monthly.

For those who subscribe to the three services, it’s a good deal: Vivo sells 300 Mb/s broadband separately for R$ 119.99 a month; the standard Netflix package typically costs BRL 39.90 per month, while the monthly HBO Max is BRL 27.90 per month.

🔴 Claro’s Black Friday – NET Virtua

Anyone who hires a Claro broadband plan with 250 Mb/s will be upgraded to 350 Mb/s for one year. However, there are details: this bonus is only granted on the purchase of a combo with pay TV, mobile telephony or Claro Box TV. 🤡

The 500 Mb/s package costs R$ 119.90 in the combo, without internet increment. Both plans give you free access to Discovery+ for a period of one year.

Claro NET Virtua broadband cable modem.  Photo: Lucas Braga/Technoblog
Claro NET Virtua broadband cable modem. Photo: Lucas Braga/Technoblog (Image: Lucas Braga/Technoblog)

The individual hiring of broadband does not give a bonus on the internet package. Those who opt for the standalone service will have Discovery+ for just six months.

🔵 Black Friday da TIM Live

TIM says it has a Black Friday promotion for TIM Live broadband, but the same conditions were already offered by the operator in October 2021, when there was the launch of the 1 Gb/s internet. 🤡

Even so, the price is still good and should be considered when evaluating broadband plans. Whoever hires a 300 Mb/s plan will receive a 500 Mb/s tasting during a one-year period for a monthly fee of R$108 for automatic debit payment.

The offer is available in locations served by TIM Live with fiber optic technology even inside the home (FTTH). In places with copper service (xDSL) the tele only sells the 60 Mb/s plan, with a monthly price of R$79.20 for automatic debit payment.

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