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THE Anatel released a survey on the perceived quality of telecommunications services, and in 2020 mobile phone consumers were more satisfied than in the previous year. The jump was perceived by both postpaid and prepaid users; of the major operators, Claro was the one that received the best scores, while Oi was in the last place.

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Overall satisfaction with mobile telephony increased in 2020 (Image: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

Anatel’s survey was carried out with 36,300 mobile phone customers from 7 operators, and the interviews were conducted between July and November 2020. The agency divides the postpaid and prepaid studies, since each modality of collection has particularities that can change the quality parameters.

Claro is the best operator in postpaid, evaluate customers

THE clear was the leader in general satisfaction in 2020 and reached a score of 7.75, a drop compared to the previous year. On the other hand, Anatel declared a technical tie for tele with competitors Alive, TIM and Algar. THE Nextel, which was bought by Claro, remains in the second position and the Hi recorded the worst grades:

Postpaid Operator Note in 2020 Annual difference
1st place clear 7.75 -0.08
Alive 7.62 +0.16
TIM 7.50 +0.23
Algar 7.50 +0.16
2nd place Nextel (sold to Claro) 7.11 -0.11
3rd place Hi 6.87 0
Average overall satisfaction 7.49 +0.07

Among the topics with the best evaluations, Anatel highlights the functioning of making and receiving calls, the in-person service in the store, the quality of calls (absence of falls, noise and interference), clarity in account information and collection of values ​​according to the contractor.

The worst evaluations, on the other hand, are about solving problems with customer service calls, resolving the cancellation of services or packages, waiting time to speak to an attendant, solving problems with 3G or 4G internet and solving problems with billing.

Between 2019 and 2020, Anatel noticed changes in consumer behavior, which started to demand more assistance over the internet and telephone and there was an increase in the use of 3G and 4G. On the other hand, users needed less assistance in physical stores and there was a drop in the percentage of contact about problems with calls.

A curious detail is that 56.7% of respondents in the postpaid category are users of control plans, which cost much less than pure postpaid. Operators do not usually disclose access data by category.

As in post, Oi has worse performance in prepaid

In prepaid, Anatel classified that all operators have a technical tie, with a slight advantage for the Algar and disadvantage for the Hi:

Operator Note in 2020 Annual difference
Algar 7.79 +0.37
clear 7.66 +0.16
Nextel (sold to Claro) 7.6 0
Sercomtel 7.43 +0.06
TIM 7.42 +0.31
Alive 7.34 +0.04
Hi 7.29 +0.19
Average overall satisfaction 7.45 +0.20

The most requested items are about solving problems with calls, solving problems with recharging, solving problems with the 3G and 4G internet, waiting time to speak with an attendant and the need to repeat the demand.

The topics with the best evaluation are customer service in the face-to-face store, recharge options, being able to make and receive calls, quality of calls (absence of noise, drops and interference) and service via the Internet.

Anatel highlights the changes of 2020 in relation to the previous year: consumers demanded more assistance through the internet or telephone and there was an increase in the use of the mobile internet, in addition to a drop in the percentage of contact about problems with calls, 3G / 4G and recharge.

Complete information for each operator or state is available on Anatel’s consumer data panel.

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