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Claro started the official sales of the Claro TV Box. Presented exclusively by Tecnoblog in July 2020, the product takes content from traditional pay-TV to the internet, without the need for coaxial cables, satellite dishes and installation by a technician. The operator launches a plan with streaming content and live channels for the price of R $ 49.90 per month.

Claro Box TV website. Image: Reproduction / Website Claro

In principle, the hiring of Claro Box TV is restricted to São Paulo (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The operator’s website says the service will be available in more cities “soon”. These are the plans:

Live Channels Streaming content Monthly value
Open channels Access to NET Now and Claro Vídeo R $ 20.00
Open channels
Over 50 pay TV channels
Access to NET Now and Claro Vídeo R $ 49.90

The plans have no loyalty, but there is a membership fee of R $ 250 for non-Claro customers. The equipment is provided on loan – that is, the TV Box is not owned by the customer and must be returned to the company upon cancellation of the subscription.

So far, the operator has not disclosed which channels are available in the R $ 49.90 plan. On an individual basis, it is possible to hire access to HBO, Fox, Looke, Paramount +, StarzPlay, DogTV and Claro Música. The amounts have not been disclosed and it is not possible to use the pre-existing subscription for this type of content. The TV Box is also compatible with Netflix, which can be used with an account not linked to Claro.

Claro Box TV interface

Claro Box TV interface. Image: Disclosure / Site Claro

Note that the list does not include Globo content, such as Premiere and Combate, which were present in the FAQ leaked by Tecnoblog. The broadcaster started selling its own paid channels within Globoplay in October 2020.

Membership to Claro Box TV is exclusive through the operator’s website. The product must be installed by the subscriber and arrives within five working days after contracting. A big advantage is that the box can be used and transported anywhere it has an internet connection – the company recommends at least 10 Mb / s for a good experience with the service.

Claro Box TV has virtual recorder and voice command

A novelty that was not present in the manual released by the Tecnoblog is that the product’s remote control has a voice command. It is possible to use the function to type in the text boxes, as well as request the exchange of channels or open applications like Netflix.

Claro Box TV remote control. Image: Reproduction / Website Claro

Claro Box TV remote control. Image: Reproduction / Website Claro

The service also has a virtual recorder, capable of recording linear channels to watch anywhere in the house or resume programming in up to seven days. There are no details on the device’s operating system, but the interface of the disclosure photos is very similar to that of Claro NET TV.

Claro Box TV does not allow additional point

Something that can alienate potential users of Claro Box TV is that the service does not allow more than one device in the subscription itself, and, so far, there are no applications for smart TVs. The company says it is possible to watch some content purchased or rented on devices through the NOW app, but there are no details regarding live programming.

Claro says that Box TV is aimed at customers who are not interested in cable TV and want greater flexibility, control and value. The company recommends a traditional pay-TV package for anyone who wants a “premium entertainment experience”.

Streaming pays less taxes than pay TV

One of the reasons for operators to launch their own streaming platforms is that this format is much less expensive than traditional pay-TV. After Anatel’s definition that online services do not need to follow pay TV (SeAC) rules, there was legal security for the launch of Claro Box TV.

While the traditional subscription TV service needs to pay ICMS, Fust, Funttel and Condecine, streaming platforms only pay ISS. There is already a project in the Chamber of Deputies trying to block the definition of Anatel, claiming that the total migration from SeAC to the internet can generate a loss of R $ 3.77 billion in taxes.

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