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O Claro TV Box is a streaming service that comes close to traditional pay TV. Launched in October 2020 in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the product takes pay TV channels to the internet (IPTV), legally and without the need for satellite dishes or coaxial cables. The company expanded the sale to new municipalities, including Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Curitiba.

Claro TV Box (Image: Reproduction / Claro Website)

These are the cities where it is possible to hire Claro Box TV:

  • Belo Horizonte (MG)
  • Brasilia DF)
  • Campinas, sp)
  • Curitiba (PR)
  • Florianópolis (SC)
  • Porto Alegre (RS)
  • Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
  • Santos (SP)
  • Sao Paulo-SP)

Claro Box TV has two plans:

Live Channels Streaming content Monthly value
Open channels (except Globo, SBT, RedeTV and Record) Access to NET Now, Claro Vídeo and Claro Música R $ 20.00
Open channels (except Globo, SBT, RedeTV and Record)
More than 80 pay TV channels
Access to NET Now, Claro Vídeo and Claro Música R $ 49.90

Hiring can be done through the company’s website. The operator charges a subscription fee of R $ 250, but it is exempt for Claro broadband, landline and postpaid mobile customers.

Claro Box TV can be used with broadband internet from any operator, although the company recommends at least 10 Mb / s for a good experience. It is possible to use the equipment anywhere in Brazil, but the product does not allow hiring additional points.

Claro Box TV pays less tax than traditional pay TV

TV operators are investing in their own streaming platforms, and the motivation goes beyond the demand for users of this type of content: thanks to an Anatel definition, online services pay less taxes and do not need to follow the legislation that falls on TV traditional pay (SeAC Law), as a minimum quota of national content.

The traditional pay TV service is charged with ICMS, Fust, Funttel and Condecine. Streaming platforms are considered Value Added Service (SVA) and only pay ISS, PIS and COFINS.

To try to contain the mass migration from traditional pay-TV to streaming services, a project in the Chamber of Deputies wants to block this definition by Anatel, alleging a loss of R $ 3.77 billion in taxes.

Which channels are on Claro Box TV?

Claro does not make available on its website the channel list of Claro Box TV plans and is limited to saying that the service has “more than 80 channels”. However, the collaborative site Line Up has the list of stations.

An important absence are Globo channels, such as Globonews, SporTV, GNT, Multishow and Globo itself that is present in the digital open signal. Those who like these channels can subscribe to Globoplay + live channels for R $ 49.90 per month. However, Claro Box TV does not include the Globoplay application and, therefore, it is necessary to use the smart TV or other TV Box application.

Another shortcoming is Simba Content’s open channels: Record, RedeTV! and SBT are not present in Claro’s connected box. The most popular open channels are Band, Record News, Gazeta and TV Cultura.

Below is the complete list of channels available on Claro Box TV. Not all stations below are included in the R $ 49.90 per month plan. Conmebol TV, for example, is sold separately for R $ 39.90 per month, while the HBO line has a monthly fee of R $ 34.90. THE Of course, it does not inform all channels that need to be subscribed separately.

  • Band
  • Culture
  • Gazette
  • Mega TV
  • Gospel Network
  • Polishop TV
  • Shoptime
  • Like
  • AND!
  • Fasion TV Brasil
  • TLC
  • Art 1
  • Food Network
  • Discovery Home & Health
  • Enjoy!
  • Travel Box Brazil
  • Fish TV
  • Dog TV
  • HGTV
  • Woohoo
  • ESPN Extra
  • ESPN Brazil
  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • Fox Sports
  • Fox Sports 2
  • BandSports
  • Conmebol TV 1
  • Conmebol TV 2
  • Conmebol TV 3
  • Conmebol TV 4
  • CNN Brazil
  • Record News
  • Band News
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • History
  • Discovery Turbo
  • Discovery Science
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Discovery Theater
  • Discovery World
  • History 2
  • Discovery Kids
  • Disney Channel
  • Nickelodeon
  • cartoon Network
  • Disney XD
  • Disney Junior
  • Nick Jr.
  • Boomerang
  • TV Ra-Tim-Bum
  • Tooncast
  • Baby TV
  • NatGeo Kids
  • MTV
  • Music Box Brazil
  • Map Brazuca
  • VH1 International
  • MTV Live
  • Fox
  • Fox Premium
  • Fox Premium 2
  • Warner Channel
  • Sony
  • FX
  • AXN
  • TBS
  • HBO
  • HBO 2
  • HBO +
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO Pop
  • HBO Mundi
  • HBO Xtreme
  • Comedy Central
  • A&E
  • ID
  • Lifetime
  • TNT Series
  • Fox Life
  • AMC
  • Eurochannel
  • Film & Arts
  • TNT
  • Space
  • Cinemax
  • Prime Box Brazil
  • Paramount Network
  • TCM
  • Terra Viva
  • TV Novo Tempo
  • Rural Channel
  • AgroMore
  • Life Network
  • New song
  • TV Aparecida
  • Good Will TV
  • CNN International
  • Bloomberg
  • BBC World News
  • RAI Italia
  • TV5Monde
  • TVE Internacional
  • DW
  • Climatempo iTV
  • TV Senate
  • TV Brazil
  • TV Brasil 2
  • TV Camera
  • TV Justice
  • ALESP Network
  • TV School
  • RIT
  • Network 21

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