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A Anatel announced this Tuesday (28) the Satisfaction and Perceived Quality Survey for the year 2021. If Claro had the best rate in mobile telephony, the same cannot be said for fixed internet: tele had one of the worst results, ahead only of Sky, which sells broadband service through 4G technology.

Wi-Fi routers
Wi-Fi internet routers (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Claro’s permanence in the last positions should be viewed with concern by the company, which has the largest base of broadband users in Brazil. The regional companies Brisanet, Unifique and Mob Telecom provide the best services, according to consumers. Of the large telecoms, Vivo and TIM had the highest levels of satisfaction.

Anatel’s satisfaction survey was carried out between July and December 2021, with 81,900 telephone interviews with telecommunications users. Nine cellular, landline, pay TV and landline broadband providers were evaluated.

Check the ranking and satisfaction index by operator:

operator satisfaction index
Unify 7,94
Brisanet 7,66
Mob Telecom 7,34
Algar 7,00
Vivo 7,00
TIM 6,99
Hey 6,82
Of course 6,75
Sky 6,21
national average 6,88

The survey’s executive report also details data by state — in São Paulo, for example, Algar was the broadband operator with the highest evaluation, while Vivo, TIM, Claro and Sky were technically tied for second place.

Survey evaluated service, operation and billing

To arrive at the general satisfaction index, Anatel evaluates five different indicators: digital service, telephone service, billing, operation and consumer information.

Fábio Lucio Koleski, manager of Anatel, highlights that the indicator of quality of information to the consumer, in which the consumer is informed about the duration of the contract, whether he has a loyalty period, readjustments and technical characteristics of the contracted service – such as the position of the router at home, if the contracted speed is ideal for applications such as gaming or streaming, for example.

For Koleski, it is essential for the customer to be able to understand the characteristics of the contracted service, especially due to the expectation created by the operator during the sale:

“If providers take action and invest more in improving the perception of operation, consumers will be more satisfied, whether due to technical improvements or better explanations.

An operator that sells a service that does not have good speed and stability, but that promises worlds and funds, will generate very high expectations for the consumer and will have a drop in the perception of quality.”
Fábio Lucio Koleski, Institutional Interactions, Satisfaction and Consumer Education Manager at Anatel

Detailed broadband quality ranking

Check below the notes of each operator for each indicator that make up the Anatel survey. The higher the score, the higher the quality perceived by the user:

Indicator Ranking
digital service Unify (7.93)
Brisanet (7.91)
Mob Telecom (7,17)
Algar (6,82)
Vivo (6,82)
Hi (6.78)
Clear (6.40)
TIM (6,30)
Sky (6,23)
Telephonic service Unify (8.07)
Brisanet (7.95)
Algar (6,81)
Mob Telecom (6,72)
Hi (6.65)
Vivo (6,58)
Sky (6,34)
TIM (6,25)
Clear (6.02)
Charge Unify (9.41)
Brisanet (9.06)
Mob Telecom (8,62)
TIM (8,06)
Clear (7.95)
Hi (7.84)
Vivo (7,76)
Algar (7,75)
Sky (6,34)
Operation Unify (7.92)
Brisanet (7.66)
Mob Telecom (7,56)
TIM (7,40)
Algar (7,26)
Vivo (7,23)
Clear (7.19)
Hi (7.03)
Sky (6,34)
consumer information Unify (7.89)
Brisanet (7.64)
Mob Telecom (7,43)
Vivo (6,87)
Hi (6.77)
Algar (6,75)
TIM (6,73)
Clear (6.51)
Sky (6,43)

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