Chronology and Accident Facts That Killed Russian Billionaire in Bali

Denpasar, IDN Times – A young billionaire who is also one influencer Russian origin, Anastasia Tropitsel (18), was killed in a single accident (Out of Control) in Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Sunday (21/6) at 13.45 pm.

Denpasar City Police Department said, the woman whose real name is Anastasia Zubrina was killed at the scene on Jalan Sunset Road, exactly south of the traffic light Kunti Km 10, Kuta, due to severe head injury.

Anastasia had an accident while riding a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja. The following are the facts of the accident which were reported to the police at 2:00 pm.

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1. Drive a Kawasaki Ninja in high speed on a straight concrete road

Anastasia had a daytime accident while driving a Kawasaki Ninja 250cc. Anastasia wearing a helmet, drove from north to south with her boyfriend, Victor Maydanovich.

The road conditions at the scene of the crime scene (TKP) are known to be straight and concrete. At that time, traffic flow was reported to be running normally.

“Those who bring small (small posture victims) collide with the wind. Moreover, the motor is 250cc, big. “If his girlfriend was at the time of the incident side by side but a little backward,” said the main witness at the crime scene who asked for his name not to be disclosed, Wednesday (6/24).

Upon arrival at the crime scene, the young billionaire lost control and swerved to the right until he hit the road divider. Witness said, a marker traffic light lights up green at the time of the incident, so the victim drives it at high speed.

“Wear a helmet but at high speed. Too close him in the middle. The wind is also strong from the south, he is from the north. Victims themselves might be not memorized the way there. The concrete road is bumpy. Also at that time right light traffic green. If the red intersection and he had stopped, maybe not there was an incident, “said the witness when contacted via telephone.

According to witnesses, at night the conditions along the location were dark. Because public street lighting (PJU) there was totally dead. This condition, the witness continued, has not been fixed by the authorities.

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2. During a strong wind, the motor crashes into a palm tree and bounces

Chronology and Accident Facts That Killed Russian Billionaire in BaliID.ND Times / Special

Victims who could not control their vehicles immediately crashed into a palm tree on the road divider.

The large cc motor then hit the victim, then bounced a few meters and damaged on the front of the back. But the victim remained in his original position in a pathetic condition. The left leg was broken and part of the jaw was broken.

“Broken leg. “When I put it in the body bag, my right jaw, if not mistaken,” he said.

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“The wind is strong from the south. Keep crashing into a palm tree over a motorbike. Sereret Quiet people when I come running there with the intention of helping, but it has not moved. I did not dare, “he said.

3. Anastasia is the eighth victim in this year who died in an accident at the same location

Chronology and Accident Facts That Killed Russian Billionaire in BaliPhotos are just illustrations. (IDN Times / Imam Rosidin)

The witness revealed that Anastasia was the eighth victim who died in an accident at the same location.

“I was told that this year I had eight accident deaths at the site. Now the victim (Anastasia) is the eighth, “he said.

After helping to evacuate the victim, witnesses who forgot to clean themselves after the incident felt a little fear. Because, this is the first time seeing the condition of such victims.

“At night, when I take a bath in the middle of the night, forget if I finished helping out. Suddenly goosebumps and smells rancid, I was very scared. Never been like this. I forgot my shirt has blood, so I immediately threw it away, “he explained.

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4. The victim’s body is still deposited in the Forensic Medicine Installation of Sanglah Hospital Denpasar

Chronology and Accident Facts That Killed Russian Billionaire in

The witness revealed, to help the victim he twice called a private hospital. But the answer remains the same: the ambulance is busy.

The evacuation of the victims took place about an hour later, after witnesses remembered that there was a Badung District Fire Dam (Fire Department) on Jalan Kunti II which had an ambulance. After contacting the damkar, the victim was successfully evacuated to Sanglah Central General Hospital (RSUP) Denpasar.

“I contacted the hospital ambulance (mentioning the name of the hospital). Twice rejected all the time. When there was an incident like that, it was rejected. With reason full. Yes, we have secured the traffic first, then reported to the police station near Mc Donalds (traffic light Nakula Street). Just looking for another ambulance. Just remember that the fire truck has an ambulance. “Call immediately come,” he said.

Until approaching the evacuation process, the scene was increasingly crowded by people. After the victim was evacuated, the motorbike was also taken by the Denpasar Police Traffic Unit to Denpasar Mapolresta.

Until now the body of the victim is still entrusted at the Forensic Medical Installation of Sanglah Hospital Denpasar.

“Not yet (not yet taken by his family),” said the Head of Forensic Installation at Sanglah Hospital, Kunti Yulianti, when confirmed on Wednesday (6/24).

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