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Independent games are able to transport us to places that are perhaps imaginable for big budget games. the tactical RPG Chroma Squad, for example, takes us to the 90s with its theme based on power Rangers. Already The Artful Escape it’s a real psychedelic journey through the music world. In the following lines, I introduce you to these two titles and share my experiences with them.

Chroma Squad (Image: Disclosure/Behold Studios)

Chroma Squad is perfect for Power Rangers fans

  • Developer: Behold Studios;
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

This week I’m going to recommend an indie game that gave me many hours of fun and happiness a few years ago. As a fan of power Rangers and other Japanese special effects series — also known as tokusatsus — I was soon hooked when I saw Chroma Squad for the first time.

Developed by Brazilians at Behold Studios and launched in 2015, Chroma Squad it’s a tactical RPG, right in style. Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. Its differential — and the best part — is the theme inspired by power Rangers and other famous tokusatsus, like Kamen Rider and metal hero.

the plot of Chroma Squad is full of references and humor, especially if you play with the language in Portuguese. In the story, you don’t control the “real” heroes of a series of power Rangers, but rather the stuntmen who perform all the dangerous action scenes. The mission is in the game is to create and manage your TV studio, while recording your own tokusatsu series.

As in the Japanese series, there is no shortage of colorful clothes, villains dressed up as monsters, flashy choreographies and giant robots equipped with cardboard swords and cannons. In short, everything a tokusatsu fan like me loves.

On the gameplay part, Chroma Squad Mechanics mix of tactical RPG in battles with some simulator systems in the part of setting up and managing the studio. Each of the five main characters has strengths and weaknesses, and can use unique weapons and abilities in combat.

The more your studio evolves, the stronger your team gets. For this, it is necessary to record quality episodes, keep the audience engaged, negotiate with sponsors and invest in new equipment. After finishing the campaign, it is still possible to play again two more times, as the story ends in three different ways, depending on your choices.

The Artful Escape brings a fantastic psychedelic journey

  • Developer: Beethoven & Dinosaur;
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Steam) and iPhone (iOS).

Next, I bring a game that caught my attention a lot in the last presentation by Annapurna Interactive. With a very short but engaging campaign, The Artful Escape puts you in the shoes of Francis Vendetti, a young guitarist who sets out on a psychedelic journey to become a rock star and keep his uncle’s legacy in music alive.

The artful Escape (Image: Press Release/Annapurna Interactive)
The Artful Escape (Image: Press Release/Annapurna Interactive)

Very focused on the plot, The Artful Escape shows the entire process of creating Francis’ artistic persona. During the adventure, the guitarist travels through different dimensions, introducing himself and meeting other rock legends along the way who help him understand his own identity.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, as the idea is not to make you stand still and break your head and the pace of the campaign. Most of the time, Francis will go through horizontal stages with many platforms as he plays his guitar, bringing joy back to the worlds he passes through.

In the fights against “bosses” — which are actually duets against other musicians — the game uses a mechanic in which you have to press the control buttons in the order presented on the screen. Even so, combats aren’t meant to be too complicated. The Artful Escape it’s rich for its plot, and the game does it excellently.

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