Chicago Fire: 7 Questions Season 10 Must Answer


The 10th season of Chicago Fire it only premieres on Sept. 22 on NBC, but fans are already pretty excited about what’s to come in the series’ narrative. The production, which ended its ninth year with great suspense, promises to bring great dramatic news to the trajectories of Casey (Jesse Spencer), Brett (Kara Killmer) and Severide (Taylor Kinney), for example.

So, check out some of the most relevant issues that the next episodes should address throughout Season 10!

7. Kidd is leaving 51?

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At the end of season 9, after several tensions, Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) finally became a lieutenant. However, there are no more slots for this rank at 51. That way, will the character be relocated to a new division and leave his current group?

With that, Kidd would probably leave the main cast of the series, which would leave the production with an unexpected embezzlement, even more when taking into account his involvement with Severide.

6. Kidd and Severide’s wedding

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Thinking about Kidd’s departure from Chicago Fire, it is worth remembering that she was proposed in marriage in the midst of a very dangerous fire in the penultimate episode of last season. Casey was then tasked with planning an epic bachelor party as Severide’s best man, but we still don’t know how it will happen and even if it will actually happen.

However, fans of the One Chicago franchise are eyeing this romantic involvement and are hoping that their expectations are finally met in Season 10.

5. Boden’s offer

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Those who follow the series, saw that Boden (Eamonn Walker) got the position of deputy head of the district. That way, he would have less work as a firefighter and would assume some somewhat calmer administrative responsibilities. However, he received the news that his son wanted to join the fire department and, in that sense, he finally made his decision.

As this has not yet been shown to the public, it will certainly be addressed early in Season 10. It’s hard to think of the character, like Kidd, away from 51, but it could be that changes will happen going forward.

4. Cross

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Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie) will raise their family and have a baby. Despite all the dangers of his profession and the problems that this causes in his personal life, the arrival of his son can be a real watershed in his trajectory in the series.

However, we don’t know if this birth will occur as early as Season 10, but it would be very interesting to be able to follow that process — watching closely what Cruz would be like as the father of a child.

3. Will Violet continue past season 10?

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Hanako Greensmith was promoted to the series’ regular cast recently, and that way Violet would be even more present on 51 as Brett’s direct first aid partner. But, as recent seasons have shown, that position has been occupied by some characters on a more rotating scale, leaving Violet’s participation uncertain after season 10.

It would be interesting to follow her as a paramedic in more episodes in the series, as fans know her full potential for this role.

2. Brett and Casey’s relationship

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One of the most uncertain novels in the series and, at the same time, most interesting is formed by Brett and Casey. Considering the back-and-forth, one step forward and five steps back the two took before getting together last season, it may still be that they need to overcome more issues before they can really stay that way.

So let’s wait for what season 10 will bring to both of you, bearing in mind that Casey still needs to resolve some internal issues, about her own feelings, as well as external ones, regarding her accident.

1. Will Squad 3 survive?

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Closing the list, there is a question that will probably already be answered at the beginning of the 10th season of Chicago Fire. Aside from Severide and Cruz, Tony and Capp were all trapped underwater when Season 9 concluded, leaving a massive impasse to be resolved soon after.

Even if some of these characters ultimately survive, it could be that at least one of them suffers some more severe consequences, including death. Certainly, if that happens, it will be pretty brutal for the whole narrative context.

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