check out the release notes for the June 2021 update

Like every month, on the first Tuesday, Windows 10 is entitled to what Microsoft calls “Patch Tuesday”: all Windows builds still supported as well as beta Insiders then benefit from the latest patches to eliminate security vulnerabilities. known. Here are the patch notes for the June 2021 hotfix update.

Windows 10

It is the first Tuesday of the month, and like every month, this is the time chosen by Microsoft to launch a cumulative update containing the latest security patches for all still supported Windows 10 builds, as well as Insiders beta builds.

Concretely there is a bundle patches for Windows 10 2004, 20H2 and 21H1 as well as another for older versions in the channel Long Term Servicing Channel, a paid service that allows you to get updates on obsolete machines for a few more years.

Windows 10: Microsoft pushes cumulative update KB5003637 on compatible PCs

In addition to security patches, the update activates the new functionality that integrates news into the taskbar. The new button is now enabled by default but you can still disable it after installation.

So, all supported consumer versions benefit from cumulative update KB5003637 as of today. Older builds are likely to receive a similar update, but only, you were told, as part of the paid program Long Term Servicing Channel reserved for companies and educational establishments.

For Windows 10 users under build 1809 (17763.1999) this will be cumulative update KB5003646, for those under build 1607 (14393) it will be cumulative update KB5003638. Finally Microsoft offers users of build 1507 participants the cumulative update KB5003687. You can consult the details of the notes for these versions on the Microsoft site.

Windows 10 KB5003637: Here are the release notes and known issues

So what fixes does update KB5003637 contain? Here is the full list of fixes as can be read in the release notes:

  • Microsoft Scripting Engine Security Update, Windows App Platform & Frameworks, Windows Input & Composition, Windows Management, Windows Cloud Infrastructure, Windows Authentication, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Virtualization, Windows Kernel, Windows HTML Platform and Windows Storage and File Systems
  • Versions 19041.1022, 19042.1022 and 19043.1022: this update applies qualitative improvements to the servicing stack, which is the component that installs Windows updates. The dedicated Servicing Stack Updates (SSU) maintenance stack provides you with a robust and reliable maintenance stack so that your devices can install updates from Microsoft

Microsoft adds that it has applied the following fixes:

  • Updates to improve security when using input devices like mouse, keyboard, or stylus
  • Updates to improve the security of OLE composite documents
  • Updates for verification of usernames and passwords
  • Updates to improve security while Windows performs basic operations
  • Updates for file storage and management.

Microsoft also notes the list of the following problems on certain machines :

  • System and user certificates may be lost after updating
  • Problems are reported with Japanese keyboards
  • Users report decreased performance in video games on some machines
  • High-pitched noise issue when playing 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio content
  • Users who installed Windows 10 from a custom ISO image are likely to find themselves without a web browser. The update does indeed remove the old Edge browser, but in some cases the new Edge browser with Chromium may not be installed instead, making internet browsing impossible.

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To avoid these problems as much as possible, Microsoft explains that it has trained an artificial intelligence that delivers the update only if your machine is not likely to cause problems. We therefore recommend that you let Windows Update recommend this update to you. when it becomes available for your machine.

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