Check out the 10 best series of 2020

So, what were the best series of 2020?

The year 2020 brought several problems to the world with the coronavirus pandemic. Everything was reconfigured and, in entertainment, it was no different. Several productions were affected to prevent the spread of covid-19 and others arose creatively from the limitations that were imposed.

Like it or not, an atypical year like this will go down in the history of television (and the world). But it is clear that many series also ended up standing out positively with their premieres in 2020. Going beyond the problems, these productions managed to keep viewers in front of the most varied screens for many hours and ensured that everyone was involved in interesting plots.

In this list, we will see some of the series that stood out the most this year. Among all tastes, types and formats, these productions brought, to some extent, a little joy to the audience.

Check out the best series of 2020 (in our opinion).

1. The Queen’s Gambit

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit captivated Netflix subscribers a lot. Many who did not even know the story of Elizabeth Harmon, one of the greatest chess players in history, were awarded the plot. The cast, headed by Anya Taylor-Joy, is also one of those responsible for the success. In addition to being one of the best surprises of 2020, the miniseries has become the most watched Netflix of all time!

two. Ratched

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Netflix

With Sarah Paulson as the protagonist, we can guarantee a good audience. However, the miniseries Ratched he manages to go further with his excellent narrative development and careful composition. Art direction is also very eye-catching and helped to generate great interest from the audience. The infamous nurse A stranger in the nest I couldn’t help receiving a production as interesting as this one.

3. The Boys

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Amazon Prime Video

The Boys debuted in 2019, but it was in this year, with the launch of its 2nd season, that success was fully enshrined. As the most watched series on Amazon Prime Video, even a spin-off has already been ordered. And all of this is well deserved, as the production has a creative script that works with issues very pertinent to the present day, subverting many superhero values ​​and narratives. We are already looking forward to season 3.

4. The Mandalorian

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Disney +

Another series that was also launched last year and has attracted a lot of public attention is The Mandalorian. Season 2 is being shown on Disney + and ensuring good ratings. The plot, centered on the universe Star Wars, bet on new characters that add interesting nuances to the storyline of the franchise (Baby Yoda, we love you!). Fundamental production for those who are fans!

5. I May Destroy You

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: HBO

Considered by many as a masterpiece, I May Destroy You, from HBO, developed by Michaela Coel, moved the audience with their episodes. The events portrayed are quite shocking, given the current elements covered. And everything is tied in a delicate way, but without losing the depth necessary to debate such overwhelming issues.

6. Soulless

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Globoplay

According to journalist Patrícia Kogut, the series Soulless, from Globoplay, increased the number of streaming subscribers considerably. The production invests in family dramas and events in the past that are directly linked to possible curses from a witch who wants justice. Highlight for the performances of Cássia Kis and Cláudia Abreu.

7. Schitt’s Creek

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: CBC

This year’s Emmy Awards decided to award the comedy Schitt’s Creek in very important categories, including Best Comedy Series. The last season, shown this year, brought to the public very creative outcomes for the characters, in addition to good doses of humor in the right measure. And in a year like 2020, what we need most is to have fun.

8. The Great

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Hulu

Embarking on another period plot, The Great, from Hulu, reimagines the development of Catarina the Great, at a time when women, as much as they had firm ideas, were not so taken into consideration. Production design was one of the most striking things in the series, which stars Elle Fanning in brilliant performance. The series deserves to be seen to know this important historical figure.

9. Succession

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: HBO

Another production that grabbed several major awards at the 2020 Emmy Awards, including Best Drama Series, is Succession. Aired on HBO, it currently has three seasons filled with interesting conflicts. The plot involves a family that has its own internal disputes, while the patriarch is in a complex health situation.

10. The Good Lord Bird

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Showtime

Finally, it is worth mentioning The Good Lord Bird, which features an extremely powerful performance by Ethan Hawke. In the plot, he lives the abolitionist John Brown, who has memorable and striking scenes throughout the narrative. The production is an adaptation of the James McBride novel, which shows some conflicts arising from the slavery period.

And, for you, what were the best series of 2020?

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