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A Samsung will release the One UI 4 com Android 12 soon in Brazil. The South Korean brand has released an update schedule for phones and tablets, which will be made available later this year to eligible models. Among the first on the list are the collapsible Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21, S20, S10 and Galaxy Note 20 lines.

One UI 4 with Android 12 will soon arrive to Brazilians (Image: Divulgação/Samsung)

Following the same dissemination scheme as in 2020, the list was presented to users on Samsung Members. Through it, it is possible to see until when the update will be available for download to users. Thus, it is not an exact date when the update will be installed on eligible cell phones, but a maximum deadline.

Take the Galaxy S21 line as an example. The units purchased at retail are expected to be updated until January 2022. This means that cell phones in this family have the maximum deadline until January and not that they will receive the new version of the operating system this month. In other words: she could come sooner.

In addition to the S21 line, the update is expected to reach the new folding cell phones first. In this case, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be the first in line, scheduled to be updated until December 2021. The other models with flexible screen, on the other hand, would receive Android 12 under the One UI 4 interface until January 2022.

The Galaxy S10 will be updated through March. But here’s a point that deserves attention: the Galaxy S10+ also appears in the group of smartphones that will receive the new version until February – that is, it could be the first to be updated. Remember that this tends to be the last update of cell phones announced in 2019 with Android 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be updated to Android 12 (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be updated to Android 12 (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

When will Android 12 arrive on Galaxy phones?

The list made available to users through the Samsung Members app brings a very extensive list of models. In addition to the Galaxy S, Note, and Z lines, there are phones like the Galaxy A52, A72, M52 5G, and more. The list is still made up of tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, one of the brand’s latest launches in Brazil.

Check the schedule for models purchased at retail:

Deadline Models
until December 2021 Galaxy Z Fold 3
until January 2022 Galaxy S21, S21+ e S21 Ultra
Galaxy Z Flip e Z Flip 3
Galaxy Fold e Galaxy Z Fold 2 (5G e 4G)
until February 2022 Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra e S20 FE
Galaxy Note 20 e Note 20 Ultra
Galaxy A52s 5G e Galaxy A72
Galaxy Tab S7
until March 2022 Galaxy S10e, S10 e S10+
Galaxy Note 10e e Note 10
Galaxy A52 e A52 5G
until april 2022 Galaxy M62
Galaxy Tab S7 FE
until May 2022 Galaxy A51
Galaxy M52 5G
Galaxy Tab S6 e S6 Lite
until June 2022 Galaxy A32 5G e A71
Galaxy M21s, M31, M51, M22 and M32
Galaxy Tab A7 e A7 Lite
until July 2022 Galaxy A01, A21s, A31, A02s, A12, A22 e A32
Galaxy M12
until august 2022 Galaxy A02, A03s, A11, A12, A21s and A32
Galaxy M12

It is important to note that deadlines are for retail models (ZTO). Operators such as Claro (ZTA), Oi (ZTR), TIM (ZTM) and Vivo (ZVV), may release the update for Android 12 to the cell phones mentioned above at other times.

One UI 4 with Android 12 will have visual changes and more (Image: Press Release/Samsung)
One UI 4 with Android 12 will have visual changes and more (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

What’s New in One UI 4?

Android 12 is the new version of Google’s operating system. The successor to Android 11 will reach phones and tablets from the South Korean brand under the One UI 4, which has been in public testing since September. Now, the brand began globally releasing the final version of the interface to cell phones of the Galaxy S21 line this Monday (15).

The update will reach Galaxy devices with visual changes. In addition to the colors that change according to the wallpaper tones, the widgets will also have rounded corners. The new elements provide more tools for users to customize the system interface to their tastes.

There are also privacy enhancements. Users will gain a new dashboard to administer permissions granted to apps. Following in the footsteps of iOS 14, the new version of Google’s operating system will still show colored indicators to let you know some app is using the microphone and camera.

With information: Samsung (1 and 2) and XDA-Developers

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