Cheap gaming chair: check out 11 models with good value for money

gaming chairs were designed for people who spend a good part of the day working sitting down. In the market you can find different models, some more robust versions, but with high values, and cheaper options, but that deliver the basic benefits of a common model.

Important features of a gaming chair

The chair can influence the performance of activities and health, so a resource that cannot be given up is the ergonomics, then considering lumbar, arm and head support, as well as tilt and height adjustments. Therefore, it is important to know if the chair offers:

  • backrest that follows the natural curvature of the lumbar;
  • height that can be adjusted so that the knees are at 90 degrees;
  • arm support that allows them to be positioned at 90 degrees from the table without straining the shoulders.

With the correct ergonomics, the chair starts to accommodate the back and hips in the correct way, taking the pressure off the muscles, which influences mood and health.

Check out the models:

1. TGC12 — ThunderX3

TGC12 Black THUNDERX3Source: ThurderX3

the gaming chair TGC12 is among the best rated by consumers and is one of the most complete available on the market. Its base is made of steel, the upholstery is made of high density foam and the length is long, making it an interesting model for tall people.

It also has support pillows for the lumbar and neck, 180-degree tilt and bidirectional armrests.

  • Model from R$ 1,599.90.

2. Mad Racer V8 Turbo — Pcyes

Mad Racer V8 Turbo – PcyesMad Racer V8 Turbo — PcyesSource: Pcyes

A Mad Racer V8 Turbo stands out for the quality of the fabric. Ideal for those who want to invest in a product of great durability, it was created to withstand long hours of use without impacting too much on the upholstery and foam. O product It offers an inclination of up to 135 degrees and a gas piston lift, which guarantee greater comfort.

  • Model from R$ 1,521.45.

3. EC3 — ThunderX3

EC3 Cyan THUNDERX3.EC3 Cyan THUNDERX3.Source: ThurderX3

A good choice for anyone looking to change their office chair, the EC3 — ThunderX3 combines all the features a gaming chair needs to offer (like 180-degree tilt) with quality elements like high-density foam. The big difference from the others is that this option does not come with the possibility of adjusting the arms.

  • Model from R$ 1,115.99.

4. Ergonomic Yama1 — ThunderX3

Ergonomic Yama1 –  THUNDERX3.Ergonomic Yama1 –  THUNDERX3.Source: ThurderX3

When it comes to an option with more ergonomic features both in a gamer setup and in home office, the Yama1 Ergonomic gaming chair is a bet that pleases a lot. That’s because it has tilt, height, balance and arm and head support, both bidirectional.

  • Model from R$ 1,556.03.

5. Fortrek Vickers

Fortrek Vickers.Fortrek Vickers.Fonte: Fortrek

Despite the synthetic coating, the Fortrek Vickers model is padded with dense foams and cushions that seek to ensure health for the user’s spine. Another disadvantage is that this version is not tiltable, but allows for swing from 3 to 18 degrees, which gives the product some flexibility.

  • Model from R$ 919.

6. PCTOP Strike 1005

PCTop Strike 1005 Red/Black.PCTop Strike 1005 Red/Black.Source: PCTop

Strike 1005 is made of nylon and has an ergonomic structure. Its lining is all in dense foam and with pillow support in the dorsal and lumbar parts, elements that avoid back pain, with the exception of the padding of the arms, which contains medium foam.

  • Model from R$ 899.90.

7. Warrior GA162

Warrior GA162.Warrior GA162.Source: Multilaser

Warrior GA162 is a gaming chair alternative with medium density foams, thicker padding on the head, inclination that reaches 15 degrees and arms covered with a thin foam.

  • Model from R$872.91.

8. Xzone CGR-01-GR

Xzone.Xzone.Fonte: Xzone

The Xzone CGR-01-GR is another option that delivers the basics with quality. Its composition is made of synthetic material, with dense foams in the pads of the lumbar and dorsal regions, medium density foam in the arms and an inclination of 155 degrees.

  • Model from R$ 764.10.

9. Conforsit Zermatt

Conforsit Zermatt.Conforsit Zermatt.Fonte:  Chairs

The Conforsit Zermatt is developed with a reinforcement in the structure based on polypropylene and features a mesh on the back, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees a better position for the user. The arm is padded, which also influences the wearing experience. But despite these benefits, the model does not provide a back cushion or recline.

  • Model from R$ 849.90.

10. Mymax MX1

Mymax MX1. Mymax MX1. Source: Mymax

With excellent value for money, Mymax MX1 has several ergonomic features, such as lumbar pillow and arms padded with very dense foam. Despite these benefits, the chair does not have a structure designed to change the position of the backrest.

  • Model from R$ 594.15.

11. MX0 Mymax

Mx0 chair.Mx0 chair.Source: Mymax

The MX0 Mymax is one of the cheapest models on the market and has height adjustment, swing function and padded arms.

  • Model from R$ 509.15.

Before choosing your new chair, carefully evaluate not only the cost, but also whether the desired model delivers comfort and ergonomics.

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