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Several clients of Banco Cetelem have had headaches over the past few days, because the financial institution has approved improper credit card purchases that sometimes exceed R $ 1,000, according to the Tecnoblog. The service is precarious, both by phone and WhatsApp, and the application does not allow temporary blocking. The company issues cards to Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime and other stores.

Cetelem website (Image: Reproduction)

Cetelem website (Image: Reproduction)

The fraud is similar to the one that affected Nubank and Itaú last year: someone makes a low-value purchase on Cetelem’s credit card, as if it were a test of what is working, and then makes a payment – sometimes of very high value. larger.

The customer receives notice by SMS that the transaction has been approved; it can take up to 48 hours to appear on the app invoice, but it already compromises the available limit. Scammers make purchases associated with the names of companies such as Info Store, Neodent, Total Nutrition, Mel Ideias and even Livelo – which does not mean that they are involved.

“Banco Cetelem clarifies that it is investigating the case and that it is already working to mitigate the impacts on customers without any financial loss for them,” says the company in a statement to the Tecnoblog.

She continues: “the Bank also reinforces that the security of consumer data is a fundamental and extremely important part of the company’s operations, which constantly invests to guarantee high levels of reliability”.

Undue purchase of more than R $ 1,000 was approved by Cetelem (Image: Reproduction)

Undue purchase of more than R $ 1,000 was approved by Cetelem (Image: Reproduction)

Undue purchases of R $ 1,000 on the Cetelem card

The situation is serious: Cetelem’s profile in Reclame Aqui is receiving more than ten complaints per hour. The problem is the same as reported by customers on Twitter: improper card purchases and difficulty in contacting the customer service.

THE Tecnoblog talked to some of the people who were affected. One of the cases we collected is that of Aline, which had a zero purchase approved on Wednesday (3). The next day; a charge of R $ 1,067.50 arrived which was also accepted on your Americanas card.

With Alex, something similar happened. He has a Submarine card that had only been used twice; today, two transactions came, the first of R $ 8 and the second of R $ 1,028.87 – both approved. “They blocked my card, but are still unable to contest purchases because they do not appear on my statement,” says the customer.

Undue purchase of almost R $ 1,000 in Cetelem card (Image: Reproduction)

Undue purchase of almost R $ 1,000 in Cetelem card (Image: Reproduction)

In turn, Vanessa was charged zero reais last Wednesday and R $ 979.44 the next day, on behalf of PAG * Pagamentoco. The user entered the Cetelem website, but the page was not working – the information on the Americanas card and invoice entries did not load.

Difficulty in the Cetelem app and service

Once fraud is detected, it is difficult to contact Cetelem. Last Thursday, Allan noticed that there were two low-value transactions on his Shoptime card, followed by a payment of R $ 967.17. “I immediately accessed the Cetelem application to block the card and warn about cloning; however, there is no option for that, ”he explains.

The client tried to contact via WhatsApp, but was frustrated by the slowness. “It took them 4 hours to answer, and they canceled the appointment because it took me 4 minutes to answer,” says Allan. “In the evening, I tried again. 4 hours of waiting, they responded at midnight accusing me of an error, only now in the morning did I manage it. ”

WhatsApp service can take a long time (Image: Reproduction)

WhatsApp service can take a long time (Image: Reproduction)

The Cetelem app doesn’t help either. “It is very unstable, earlier I was able to access it but now it does not enter”, says Viviane. It displays the error message “an error occurred while loading your information (GCR-0003)”. Even if it was on the air, there was not much to do: there is no temporary blocking option, and it is only possible to cancel the card via attendance.

Cetelem's app down (Image: Reproduction)

Cetelem’s app down (Image: Reproduction)

Lucas, one of those who warned the problem to the Tecnoblog, has two Cetelem cards – one from Americanas, another from Submarino – and both suffered from improper purchases in amounts of up to R $ 1,028.86.

The service took a long time: “long 5 hours of trying until I can talk to someone to perform the block,” he says. This was for one of the cards; for the other, he got in touch today at 8 am, and got no response until 12 pm.

Cetelem can respond via Twitter

Cetelem responds via Twitter (Image: Reproduction)

Cetelem responds via Twitter (Image: Reproduction)

Andrews customer also complains about the support: “the talk to us area doesn’t work and the phone isn’t answered, you are in eternal waiting; they answered me on Twitter after a few hours to say that they were going to send a new card ”.

We found several situations in which resorting to Twitter, via DM, was the only way to receive a response. When this works, this is the message sent by Cetelem: “we request that the purchases be challenged, the deadline for analysis is up to 5 working days. For security reasons, we blocked your card and asked you to resend a new one at no cost to you ”.

Cetelem is a partner bank for some supermarkets and construction stores. However, basically all the cases we find involve cards issued to Submarino, Americanas and Shoptime customers. Several customers report that they only used the card at their store. They belong to B2W; we contacted the company to obtain a position.

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