CES 2022: electric cars and concepts stand out at the fair

After much anticipation and many new releases, CES 2022 ends this Friday (8). And among the highlights of the fair were precisely the cars.

Color-changing vehicles, automated driving and connectivity solutions, televisions and more were featured. Even a company that wasn’t in the industry decided to announce that it will make its debut soon.

Therefore, the TechWorld prepared a material with the main revelations of the automobile market. Here’s a summary with the best information about CES 2022 cars.

chameleon car

One of the most “different” announcements at the tech fair was made by BMW. The company presented the BMW iX Flow, an electric SUV prototype with “electronic paint” that uses electric current to modify the body’s paintwork. The tool uses the same principle as E Ink, which is present in devices like the Kindle and the Pebble watch.

According to the German automaker, the vehicle’s paintwork has “millions of microcapsules with a diameter equivalent to the thickness of a human hair”, each one with white pigments with a negative charge and black with a positive charge. They blend together, forming white, black and gray tones, the only ones initially available.

When stimulated by an electrical signal, the microcapsules interact and accumulate on the surface, giving the vehicle body a new color. Changing color is done by pressing a button. Although the idea is very cool, the project is still in progress and has no date to reach the market.

Cab for autonomous cars

LG presented during CES 2022 the LG Vision Omnipod, a cabin for autonomous cars that can be transformed into a space for work, leisure and even a convenience store.

The product can be transformed into a mobile office, a cinema (with the right to food and drinks), drinks and snacks, and even has a mobile “meta-ambience” screen, referring to the metaverse.

Fancy car without steering wheel

A Cadillac, a luxury car brand, also showed up at the event with its Cadillac InnerSpace Concept. The vehicle is practically a living room in a chic house, with comfortable armchairs (which can be used as a sofa), footrests and even a curved screen.

Focusing on the tranquility of passengers, the car is 100% autonomous and therefore has no steering wheel. In other words, the idea is for people to rest and enjoy good drinks while the vehicle goes autonomously to the destination.

PlayStation Car?

Taking everyone by surprise, Sony announced at CES 2022 the SUV Vision S, a super-tech concept car that has 40 sensors inside and out “to monitor security”, allows up to 7 passengers, has 5G connection and more.

The new product has 360° sensors, recognizes voice commands and gestures. As it should be, the car will have a remote connection to PlayStation consoles and will be able to play streaming games. To work on all this, the Japanese giant announces the Sony Mobility Inc., its new division focused on mobility.

Car with 8K monitor

In addition to the BMW iX Flow, the German automaker presented a special screen for cars. The panel is nothing less than 31 inches, 32:9 aspect and 8K resolution. It supports services like Amazon Fire TV and has a surround sound experience developed in partnership with composer Hans Zimmer.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the car even has special lighting that transforms the place into a true futuristic movie theater. Enthusiasts will have to wait, however, to see the item in action, as it’s all just a concept and has no slated for release.

Qualcomm Digital Chassis

The traditional chip brand Qualcomm announced that it has partnered with brands such as Volvo, Honda and Renault to provide new digital solutions for vehicles. THE Qualcomm Digital Chassis is a platform that will make cars have automated driving, for example.

The tool also ensures that cars have the “Snapdragon Cockpit”, with processors and software solutions for entertainment systems, in addition to driver assistance resources (Snapdragon Ride) and connectivity tools (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS).

Volvo painted chicken

A Volvo revealed that its vehicles will have access to YouTube videos soon. The service will be available for download on the infotainment system, through the Google Play Store.

In addition to watching audiovisual content, Volvo also said it is planning to connect its vehicles to any device that has Google Assistant. The idea is to make the car an extension of Google’s smart devices.

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