Cellular transactions are already half of banking operations, says Febraban | finance

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) released this Thursday (24) a survey that indicates transactions made by cell phone as half of banking transactions made in 2020. Mobile banking, as it was called by the sector, already accumulates more transfers than all of them other financial means, such as internet banking and POS (point of sale). The study was carried out in partnership with Delloite consultancy.

Pix (Image: Disclosure / Central Bank)

Pix (Image: Disclosure / Central Bank)

Brazilians transferred R$103 billion by cell phone in 2020

In 2019, the total value of transfers made by Brazilians using cell phones reached R$37 billion. In 2020, there was a 64% increase in the number of mobile banking transactions — the money handled was R$ 58 billion. In all banking transaction channels

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the social isolation measures, initiated in March of last year, boosted the cell phone as the favorite channel for Brazilians to pay bills, make transfers, contract credit and other banking operations, reinforcing something already seen in recent years,” said Febraban in a press release.

Across all banking channels — cell phones, internet, ATMs, small machines, branches, banking correspondents and contact centers — the value of transfers carried out in 2020 was R$103 billion. This represents a 20% growth, the highest in recent years.

Febraban says that 8 out of 10 payments went through digital

Together, internet and mobile banking accounted for 9 out of 10 investment contracts and 80% of bill payments. Among the 21 banks that participated in the survey by Febraban and Delloite, some stated that there was a 90% increase in digital account openings last year, compared to 2019.

The most common features for servicing digital accounts also came into evidence in 2020, a year of pandemic in which Brazilians stopped going to bank branches — there was an 18% reduction in transactions at ATMs and Banking Service Points (PABs). Febraban recorded 168 million interactions with chatbots in financial services applications in 2020.

90% of users contract investments through digital accounts (Image: Markus Spiske/ Unsplash)

90% of users contract investments through digital accounts (Image: Markus Spiske/ Unsplash)

“With the popularization of financial services through digital channels, we continue to advance in the important field of financial inclusion in Brazil, especially with mobile banking, which allows you to carry the bank in your pocket and access, at any time or place, services previously restricted to bank branches .”, says Rodrigo Mulinardi, director of the Technology and Banking Automation sector at FEBRABAN.

Pix had an average of 18% of new users per month

Pix has become the darling of Brazilians to send and receive payments — driven by social distancing measures. The BC (Central Bank) system, which was inaugurated in November 2020, had 93.6 million registered accounts. In the 7 months it was active, the average rate of new users was 18% per month.

The number of transactions that used Pix jumped to 338.2 million last year, from 59 million in 2019. This 471% growth registered by the banks that participated in the survey did not surprise Febraban, which already expected greater integration of the Pix system. BC.

“Digital channels are secure”, says association of banks

In 2020, banks decided to invest more in cybersecurity to protect customers who migrated to digital platforms. Day-to-day transactions became one of the main concerns of Febraban and the banks, which invested R$ 2.5 billion. About 197,000 professionals were trained to protect users.

Rodrigo Mulinardi assured that the banking systems and Pix are secure. At a press conference, the Febraban sector director stated that the pandemic has led to a very large migration of customers who have had their first access: “We observed that digital channels have an immense transaction completeness, but they are secure, and were designed so much for veterans and as for beginners. The expectation is that this consumer will stay within the digital channels.”

Recently, Procon-SP notified Febraban and called it to a meeting on security devices in bank applications. Criminals have been stealing cell phones and accessing the victim’s bank account, according to the surveillance agency. “Digital channels are secure and there is an evolution of digital solutions to continue improving its model,” said Mulinardi at an event open to journalists.

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