CCXP 2021: See all the news on the HBO Max dashboard

Today (4), CCXP 2021 (Comic Con Experience) began, which has Brazil as its headquarters. At the event, which takes place digitally this year, several news about series and films were revealed, including releases of HBO Max, streaming that had a full panel on the Thunder stage.

Check out everything that was revealed by streaming:


The first part of the HBO Max panel at CCXP 2021 was marked by some DC attractions. Between them, Doom Patrol, which will have its 4th season released in 2022. The superhero series had some brief messages from the cast to the public, recalling the release of new episodes.

the peacemaker, spin-off series from Suicide squad, also gained news. John Cena, who plays the title hero, appeared on video and answered some fan questions, as well as commenting on some scenes from the series in which Vigilante is seen.

Finally, Superman & Lois, The CW series, won an unprecedented teaser for its 2nd season.

House of The Dragon

Spin-off de Game of Thrones, House of The Dragon was another series remembered during the panel. However, no big news. The production was only contextualized and received a brief reminder from one of the actresses in the cast.


the teen series Euphoria, which features Zendaya as the lead actress, was also mentioned during the event through a video in which the cast reminds the audience that season 2 is on its way. Looking forward to this release?

Brazilian programming

HBO Max also tried to remind fans of its Brazilian productions, which increasingly appear in the catalogue. Among the mentions were titles such as Pico da Neblina, Jorel’s Brother, Ninjin, Greg News, The Cut, Os Ausentes, Sandy + Chef, The Bridge Brasil, Queen Stars, Turma da Mônica, between others.

Jorel’s brother

And, speaking of Brazilian productions, animation Jorel’s brother had an exclusive short revealed on CCXP 2021, which announced the debut of all seasons of the cartoon on HBO Max.

Harry Potter

How could it be, the 20 years of Harry Potter they didn’t go blank on the HBO Max dashboard. Streaming took advantage of the milestone to announce the special Return to Hogwarts, which will feature almost the entire original cast of the films to discuss the legacy of the production.

2022 Releases

Finally, the panel closed with a video with all the news for HBO Max for 2022, including highly anticipated movies such as black adam e The Flash, in addition to grand series, such as the aforementioned the peacemaker, for example.

About CCXP

This Saturday, the participating studios were: Netflix, Globoplay, Crunchyroll, Paramount, HBO Max and Sony. Remembering that access to the CCXP 2021 stage broadcasts is free, it is only necessary to fill out the registration in the Free Experience mode through the CCXP website.

CCXP is one of the biggest pop events in the world and brings to Brazil everything that makes San Diego Comic-Con a milestone for fans of the geek universe. The event covers series, movies, comics and games and is responsible for giving a taste of what the main entertainment companies in the world are planning.

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