CCXP 2021: See all the news from the Netflix Dashboard

This Saturday (4), began the CCXP 2021 (Comic Con Experience), which has Brazil as its headquarters. At the event, which takes place digitally this year, several news about series and films were revealed, including releases from Netflix, streaming that had a very special panel on the Thunder stage.

Check out everything that was revealed by streaming:

Shaun the Sheep: Christmas Adventure and Sabezinha Thrush

The animated films, made in stop-motion, gained an incredible behind-the-scenes video, with several production details. In it, you can see the entire team that created the feature films working, bringing to life, scene by scene, the lovely characters from children’s films.

Both movies are part of Netflix’s Christmas schedule and are already available to subscribers.

The Money Heist

The last episodes of season 5 of The Money Heist premiered last Friday (3) and are already making the fans homesick. To celebrate the end of the Spanish series, Netflix revealed a video with part of the production’s cast thanking the Brazilian audience. In view of the show’s popularity in national lands. In a fun way, the characters from The Money Heist emphasize how much Brazilians are passionate and faithful.


Another Spanish-language series coming soon to Netflix is ​​the remake of Rebel, soap opera that marked many teenagers. The streaming celebrated the show’s arrival with a special video from the cast, which talked about the new characters, songs and plots. Apparently, the series will have a lot of nostalgia, while it intends to update the production for the new generation.

Rebel premieres on January 5th, 2022.

The Sea of ​​Tranquility

Korean series are all on Netflix, even more so after the success of Round 6. Now, to continue the hype, streaming has announced a new series: The Sea of ​​Tranquility. The series mixes suspense with science fiction and promises to engage subscribers. The show’s cast even sent an exclusive message to Brazilian fans, anticipating what they can expect.

See trailer for the series, which arrives on December 24th:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The animes also had space on CCXP 2021. Netflix made a point of highlighting part 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, called Stone Ocean. The new part of the anime has a female protagonist and is packed with action. To the delight of fans, the protagonist’s Japanese voice actor sent a message to Brazilian fans and an exclusive teaser was revealed.

See anime trailer, which is now available on Netflix:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Horror movie fans had a big news: the release of a new movie in the franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The production, which opens on February 18, 2022, will be a direct sequel to the classic first film. An unprecedented teaser was even revealed to the world during the event.

don’t look up

A movie don’t look up, which boasts an all-star cast, including names like Leronardo DiCaprio, also gained updates. Netflix has revealed that the film will come to streaming shortly after it opens in theaters on December 24th. To top it off, the film’s director, Adam McKay, spoke with the panel’s presenters and talked about what to expect from the production.

Envelope to CCXP 2021

This Saturday, the participating studios were: Netflix, Globoplay, Crunchyroll, Paramount, HBO Max and Sony. Remembering that access to the CCXP 2021 stage broadcasts is free, it is only necessary to fill out the registration in the Free Experience mode through the CCXP website.

CCXP is one of the biggest pop events in the world and brings to Brazil everything that makes San Diego Comic-Con a milestone for fans of the geek universe. The event covers series, movies, comics and games and is responsible for giving a taste of what the main entertainment companies in the world are planning.

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