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The Last of Us video game is going to be mass-produced by HBO! If the release is still far away, we are starting to know a lot about this event production. Release date, platform, casting, we tell you everything we know.

The Last of Us is HBO’s next big event series. While production is still in progress, we already have a lot of info on what to expect. In this file, we will compile everything we know. Whether you’re a fan of the license or don’t even know what it’s all about, we will summarize all that for you. Of course, we will update this small file according to the new information.

What is The Last of Us?

The Last of Us is at the base a video game released in 2013 for PlayStation 3. It is developed by Naughty Dog, also known for its Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot sagas. This is an adventure game set in a post apocalyptic world. The gameplay is very classic. We move through levels by eliminating the enemies that stand in our way. But its strength lies in its quality of writing, its controlled rhythm and its staging of the highest level. Graphically, it was also a little slap in the face for the time.

The game received critical acclaim on release and quickly built up a hard core of fans. It was then adapted for PS4 in 2014 with better graphics. A second part was released in June 2020 under the title The Last of Us Part 2. Here again, the criticism was rave and the commercial success at the rendezvous, despite some controversy.

The Last of Us, what is it all about?

The Last of Us tells the story of two characters: Joel and Ellie. Twenty years after a zombie apocalypse, the world is in agony and communities are trying to survive here and there. Joel, who saw his daughter die before his eyes, is a disillusioned and bitter man. He is then given a mission by the fireflies, a military organization. He’s got to bring a young teenage girl named Ellie across the United States. With nothing more to lose, Joel accepts the job.

The Last of us
The Last of Us Remastered

Will then tie a strong relationship between the two protagonists, two lost souls in a world on the brink of extinction. Joel sees Ellie as his missing daughter while the young teen finds the father figure she never had. The game is a twilight road trip inspired by the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy (adapted for the cinema in 2009 with Viggo Mortensen).

The road
John Hillcoat’s Road (2009). Credit: Metropolitan Films

When is The Last of Us going to air?

The Last of Us currently has no air date. The series hasn’t even started filming yet. Nevertheless, the cast is starting to be announced. The shots should therefore not be delayed. With such a schedule, one should not expect to see the episodes arrive before 2022. It usually takes a little less than a year between filming and release for a series. A little more for ambitious series, which is the case with TLOU.

The Last of us
The Last of us Remastered

On what platform will The Last of Us be broadcast?

The Last of Us series is planned to be broadcast on HBO in the United States. We are talking about the famous channel here, and not its streaming service HBO Max, which also has exclusive series. In France, the OCS service broadcasts the content of the American network. We can therefore theoretically expect to see the series arrive on the made in France platform. However, things can change very quickly.

The Last of us
The Last of Us Remastered

Warner has expressed its desire to release HBO Max (which also offers the channel’s series in streaming) all over the world, and therefore in Europe. However, France is not yet concerned by this arrival, we can therefore still bet on OCS. But 2022 is a long way off, and everything could change again by then.

Who will be in the casting?

Fans of the license were eager to see which actors would play Joel and Ellie onscreen, all the while dreading the announcement. Finally, the two chosen ones have been revealed on February 11, 2021. Fun fact, they were both already appearing in the Game of Thrones series.

The Last of us
Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

Joel will be played by Pedro Pascal. He is without a doubt the actor of the moment. After he came to the public eye with the role of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, he continued his momentum in the great series Narcos. Game of Thrones opened the doors to the big screen for him, including appearing in the Chinese blockbuster The Great Wall and Kingsman, the Golden Circle. Recently, he played Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984. But the consecration came thanks to a Disney + production: The Mandalorian. He was indeed the star of the first Star Wars series, which enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Paradoxically, we see very little of his face over the episodes, with his character constantly wearing a helmet.

The Last of us
Pedro Pascal (left) in The Mandalorian. Credit: Disney

Ellie will be played by young Bella Ramsey. Being only seventeen, his career is logically less rich than that of Pedro Pascal. We could see her in Game of Thrones, where she had caused a sensation by playing the charismatic Lyanna Mormon, but also in the series His Dark Material. She also played the main role in a lesser-known series dedicated to children: Amandine Malabul, clumsy witch. The latter is available on Netflix.

The Last of us
Bella Ramsey in Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

A solid cast so far, but it’s only the start. The Last of Us indeed presents a large gallery of characters and we will watch for announcements over time.

Who produces and who directs the series?

Confidence is key when you see who is producing and writing the series. Indeed, HBO chose Craig Mazin to bring it to life. He’s not much of a beginner, having written the scripts for several parts of Scary Movie and The Hangover. But its grand prize is the Chernobyl miniseries (airing on HBO in 2019), which caused a stir when it was released. Craig Mazin will be supported by Neil Druckmann, who is none other than the creator and director of the two games The Last of Us. We can therefore expect great loyalty from the series, as well as a very raw tone. . This is reassuring.

Evan Weels, president of Naughty Dog, and Carolyn Strauss, who has worked on Game of Thrones, Deadwood and Chernobyl, will also be in the credits as producers. The first episode will be him directed by Russian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov. He is an author with several films to his credit, including Une Grande Fille, awarded at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard category.

Finally, it should be noted that the music will be composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. If this name does not ring a bell, know that he knows the saga very well, since he wrote the music for The Last of Us 1 and 2. He was also awarded an Oscar in 2006 for the soundtrack of The Secret from Brockeback Mountain.

Are several seasons planned?

For now, HBO has started only one season. Its number of episodes is still unknown. There is no doubt that the series will continue after this if this first season is a success.

The Last of us
The Last of Us Remastered

We will obviously update this file according to the new information on the series. Are you waiting for it? Are you afraid of the result? Tell us in the comments !

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