Cast of La Casa de Papel: understand who’s who in the Spanish series

Initially launched on the Antena 3 network, the La Casa de Papel – now part of the Netflix catalog – has many important characters in the narrative. In 2021, the Spanish series will show its 5th season, which also promises to end all conflicts presented.

Thinking to understand a little better about who is who in the series, get to know the cast of La Casa de Papel and their respective characters from our list. Check out.

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Teacher (Álvaro Morte)

One of the most fundamental members for building La Casa de Papel is the teacher, lived by Álvaro Morte. The character’s real name is Sergio Maquina, and the trigger that starts all his conspiracies is directly linked to the stories he heard when he was a child. He has an affective involvement with Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), despite always wanting to manipulate everyone that suits him.

Berlin (Pedro Alonso)

This character’s real name is Andrés de Fonollosa. He has a great prominence in the first seasons of the series, as he is in charge of the operation at the Casa da Moeda. He specialized in jewelry theft and wants to maintain his high standard of living since his childhood.

Tokyo (Ursula Corberó)

One of the most important characters in the plot is the young Tokyo, also known for telling the entire story of the series to viewers. After a somewhat disastrous assault, he was eventually saved by the Professor and included in his plans at the Mint. He gets involved with Rio throughout the seasons and has a very impulsive behavior. Her real name is Silene Oliveira.

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Nairobi (Alba Flores)

The character, who is actually called Ágata Jiménez, has a great talent for fakes. Due to his criminal activities, he ended up losing custody of his son, which still causes him a lot of pain. Despite this, she has great confidence in herself, developing an excellent aptitude for coordination and leadership.

Rio (Miguel Herrán)

The young Rio’s main skills are related to technology. He was found by the Professor when he was fleeing Interpol. One of the major problems caused by him to the group is related to his immaturity and also the inability to obey rules.

Denver (Jaime Lorente)

Originally baptized as Ricardo Ramos, he was cast in the grand robbery of the Casa da Moeda by his father. Although he seems cold and distant, he has a good heart that forces him to commit himself to dangerous situations in order to help people. It is in this context that the romance between him and Mónica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo) emerges, which later takes on the code name Stockholm.

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Lisbon (Itziar Ituño)

Raquel Murillo, the police inspector who tries to negotiate with the group during the assault on the Casa da Moeda, later takes the code name Lisbon and starts to act alongside the Professor, for whom he feels a great attraction. Despite the troubled relationship between them, there is a somewhat inconclusive outcome on it.

Arturo Román (Enrique Arce)

The director of the Mint is also a lover of Gaztambide (Stockholm). With a genius quite difficult to deal with, the character has very interesting facets presented throughout the series. Throughout the seasons, the audience knows a little more about his fate.

Stockholm (Esther Acebo)

Initially known as Mónica Gaztambide, she ended up discovering that she was pregnant with her boss and lover, Arturo Román. After almost dying at the hands of Denver, she fell in love with him. As the series progresses, viewers realize that the character is quite strong and determined, and that disagreements with Denver are plausible.

(Playback / Netflix)(Playback / Netflix)Source: Netflix

Helsinki (Darko Peric)

Representing Finland, Peric’s character is of Serbian origin and joined the group because of his war experiences. He is a cousin of Oslo (Roberto Garcia) and shows himself to be a very sensitive person, even though he seems quite the opposite. The character’s real name is Yashin Dasáyev.

Oslo (Roberto Garcia)

Like her cousin Helsinki, Oslo has a lot of experience in battle and war situations. His real name is Radko Dragic and he ends up having a tragic outcome right in the first round seen in the series.

Moscow (Paco Tous)

Closing the list, there is Moscow, played by Paco Tous. The miner was removed from his original profession due to complications from a chronic illness. Thus, he ended up venturing into the world of crime. Originally, his name is Agustín Ramos and he is the father of Denver.

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